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Pest Control in Adelaide Hills

Are you becoming increasingly frustrated with the presence of bugs in your yard? Do you want to get rid of the various crawlers infesting inside your home? For whichever similar problems that you might be facing related to pests, you can rely on Tom’s Pest Control Services to get rid of them all.

Our professional pest control treatment are available for people of Adelaide Hills and for everyone in Adelaide who seek relief from various types of pest infestations. Our services can be obtained at affordable rates and are offered in personalised packages to suit your variety of requirements. We will inspect your property thoroughly to not only eliminate pest infestations but to also prevent the factors that cause their infestation, so you can be at peace again.

You can contact us to book a full inspection or our individualised cheap pest control services to reclaim your environment and make it free from pests and other infestations.

Affordable Tom’s Pest Control Solutions

You can eliminate all types of pests from your property by hiring our professional services. Firstly, we will inspect your premises to determine the causes of infestation. We will then proceed to eliminate them all by installing protective equipment that is capable of preventing their re-entry. Our solutions are affordable and low maintenance so you can get the best pest control treatment without any delays.

Our commonly demanded range of services in the Adelaide Hills area is as follows:

Ant Pest Control

Having stale food can attract ants and it can later lead them to intrude in other parts of your property in search of more food. There’s no stopping them once they’ve established a trail in your property which is where our services can help you. We will destroy their trails and treat the infected areas with safe solutions that do not compromise your health. We will also seal their various points of entry and equip other solutions to prevent them from entering your property again.

Cockroach Control Treatment

Cockroaches aren’t necessarily attracted to smelly places. They can also visit your homes when they find bugs and insects inhabiting your premises. By obtaining our cockroach extermination services, you can once and for all evict them from your property which will also save you from various types of diseases. We will disinfect your living space and other areas of your property so they aren’t motivated to intrude in your space anymore.

Rat Control

Rats are notorious in the history of mankind for causing plagues and various other forms of infectious diseases. They are swift and hard to catch but not for our expert pest control technicians. We are skilled in using multiple methods for rat control which allows us to catch and remove them from your property. We will examine all areas of your property to destroy or fix their hiding places so that they do not frequent your property again.

Termite Treatment in Adelaide Hills

You shouldn’t fear any form of pests including termites, which are known to mainly feed on wooden objects. They can infect both your yard and your personal belongings; therefore, it is important to exterminate them. Not doing so could result in an outbreak of several types of infections that can later develop into deadly diseases, not to mention attract more pests inside your house.

We will thus effectively eliminate termite from your premises to make your property safe again from all forms of pests.

Spider Control

Numerous people in Adelaide Hills have reportedly spotted venomous spiders of different sizes on their properties at one point or another. Though these spiders might seem easy to kill, their bites or any form of contact with them can prove to be lethal for your health. But, you can trust us to follow the standard procedure to remove them from your property while also maintaining that they do not return. We accomplish this by installing environment-friendly solutions and pieces of equipment that can help you monitor them and evict them easily.

Bird Control Adelaide Hills

Protect your property from damage against the breeding or defecation of birds by hiring our bird control experts. You can also hire us to securely transfer their nests from your property and to disinfect your property of their waste. We can install nets or other simple measures and complex measures too for again preventing them from visiting your property.

Moth Control Treatment

One of the least suspected types of pest that breed easily in the Adelaide Hills area is Moths. We can protect you from their onset as well as help you exterminate them from your property grounds by applying safe and odourless moth control solutions depending on the type of their species.

All-round Commercial Pest Control in Adelaide Hills in Adelaide Hills

Tom’s Pest Control solutions in Adelaide Hills also serve to protect all types of commercial real estate. Our commercial pest control solutions are useful in locations such as theatres, libraries, shopping centres, corporate buildings, etc.

We offer the following additional pest control services on a same-day basis for the total safety of your commercial spaces:

  • Flea treatment
  • Silverfish treatment
  • Mosquito control
  • Fly control
  • Bed bugs treatment
  • Border control
  • Beetle control
  • Possum elimination
  • Wasp removal
  • Fox trapping
  • And many more…

The following are a few of the many remarkable qualities of our pest control services:

Custom Pest Treatment Plans

You can obtain any of our pest control services based on your specific requirements. The individual pest control services we provide can deliver you quick and effective results in urgent situations without affecting your wellbeing.

Safe Pest Control Treatments

Our pest control solutions largely depend on using eco-friendly substances to prevent damage to your property. All of our solutions will treat the respective infestations without declining the value of your premises.

Flexible Pest Control Plans

Our various pest extermination treatments are available in numerous packages at affordable rates. You can also choose between our available modes of payment for your ultimate convenience.

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