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Ant Pest Control In Adelaide

Ant Control In Adelaide

We have a team of industry certified and insured ant pest control specialist in Adelaide. We perform an inspection to locate the ant colonies and check out the most suitable solutions based on the requirement and budget.

Ants are not harmful until they form colonies at your home or office space. They prefer to choose basement, garden, and other places as their nesting site. They form colonies, and a single colony consist of thousands of ants. Removing them from the cracks of the wall, pavement, and the ground is a daunting task.

Common Ant Species In Adelaide, Australia

A large variety of ant species are found in Australia. Most of the species are harmless to you and your property. Technically they are not pests and do not require fumigation or any other ant removal services.

If you notice colonies of pest ants crawling around your home or office surrounding, you need to seek expert help to protect your property. Tom’s Pest Control provides a large range of ant treatment that also includes ant fumigation services. Some of the common species of ants generally seen in Australia are:

Each of the species has different habits, characteristics, feeding preferences, and choices for nesting sites. Ants are silent infiltrators and form colonies of various sizes. The colony size may range from a few dozen to millions without the slightest indication.

They can access through the very small holes or cracks. Many ant species don’t prefer to change their nest sites and live permanently in one site. One they start colonising; they will not take much time to reach the kitchen and contaminate edibles.

You need to be extra cautious if you have a baby because they can taint baby bottles. This can cause dysentery and many other health issues. Are you looking for ant ant pest control service to make your space safe for kids? You can contact us today for the same day ant extermination Adelaide.

Importance Of Professional Ant Pest Control In Adelaide?

If you take professional help on time, you can protect your loved ones from some of the following issues caused by the severe ant infestation:

Bull ant stings are very painful. You will feel as much pain as 200 bees sting at once. Hence, you should not delay in taking the most efficient ant removal services in Adelaide locality.

Why Ant Treatment Is Required?

Timely treatment of ants at your property can save you from the number of problems. Here are some reasons that tell why ant extermination is essential for your property:

Ant Removal Adelaide

Our ant pest removal service Adelaide comprises of four-step industry standard procedure for the systematic removal of ant colonies. The process involves a detailed study of infestation, the reason that causes it, a suitable procedure for extermination, and preventive measures to protect your environment from further infestation. We apply a precise four-step process for the complete removal of ant from your Adelaide property.

Ant Pest Removal Inspection Adelaide

We start ant eradication process with a thorough inspection of your property. During the inspection, our ant pest control Adelaide specialist will locate the sites where ants have created their colonies. We will examine ant species, colony size, pheromone trails, entry points, and colony lifetime.

Ants Pest Control Customised Treatment Plan

Based on the finding details, we will create a customised ant treatment plan. The ant treatment plan will inform you about the suitable pest control procedure and necessary recommendations for you to follow while the treatment process will go on. 

We will treat all the areas of Adelaide property that have the likelihood of causing the future infestation, including cracks, walls, pavements, roofs, garden beds patios, perimeters, basements, subfloor spaces, and many other sites.

Ant Exterminator Near Me

Based on the customised ant treatment plan, our technicians will use different methods like ant baits, insecticidal dust, sprays, gels, granules, and many other insecticides to protect your surroundings from infestation.

We will figure out the most suitable ant removal services  strategies to remove ant colonies from the interior location of your property, including skirting boards, light spot spraying, and many more.

All our pesticides and other chemicals used for ant removal are in perfect compliance with the industry standard. They effectively kill ants without affecting the environment, pets, and children. We apply methods that guarantee long-term respite from ant extermination in a short interval and prevent further colonisation of ants.

Ongoing Ant Prevention Tips

We will provide you with some useful tips that are very simple to follow. It will prevent ant from infesting your place. Some of the most effective ant control at home tips are:

Why Choose Us For Ant Treatment Adelaide ?

Some of the ant control traits that make us able to outshine are
Same-day ant control Adelaide treatment service
Upfront quotes, competitive ant control prices Adelaide
TAFE and APCA-certified ant control specialists
Safe and family-friendly ant treatment process in Adelaide
Local ant pest exterminator team Adelaide
Friendly and transparent customer service
Tailored ant treatment plan Adelaide with an outstanding result
100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Our years of industry experience and expertise allows us to understand your ant treatments pest control needs better than any other companies across Adelaide. 

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