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Beetle Pest Control Adelaide

Beetle Pest Control In Adelaide

Tom’s Pest Control understands that if you notice beetles crawling over your home or office, it can never be a pleasant sight for you. These annoying creatures prefer to feed on wood and cause infections. In appearance, they are almost similar to cockroaches, but they possess shell-like wings and antennas.

If a massive horde of beetles infests your property, you may notice your pets suffering from an infection, itching, and rashes. As a leading beetle pest control company in Adelaide, Tom’s Pest Control boast of precise service that ensures complete removal of pests from your place.

We use the latest technology and methods for early detection of beetles at their initial stage of infestation. It protects your environment from further harm and health issues. Our same-day, quick service ensures a pest-free, safe environment.

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Common Beetle Species In Adelaide

There are large varieties of beetle species found in Adelaide, Australia, and they are known for their distinct features, looks, and the type of damage caused to your surroundings. Contact us today for a professional Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment inspection that will protect your Adelaide property from any of the following species:

Why Do You Seek Professional Elm Leaf Beetle Treatment in Adelaide

Beetles are such tiny creatures that sometimes they are very difficult to notice through your naked eye. Hence, they can cause a large extent of damage without your slightest knowledge.

Most of the species do not sting, but some of them bite pets and human beings. Beetle stings cause infections, pain, rashes, and itching. Hence, it’s always a smart idea to ask for professional beetle treatment Adelaide. It effectively removes the massive hordes of the insects and protects your agricultural fields, storehouses, gardens, and hotels from huge damage.

It is generally hard to figure out the intensity of the issue at its initial stage. Hence, call us immediately, even if you think that the problem isn’t too serious, because a quick Elm leaf beetle control inspection Adelaide will always help.

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Some types of beetle pests that infect and damage furniture, fabrics and the interior of your home and office space are:

Carpet beetles prefer to survive on nectar and pollen grains. They invade your home, offices, or ware houses in search of food. Their larvae develop fast and damage your home and office Adelaide property. Tom’s Pest Control provides carpet beetle control treatment in Adelaide to protect your environment from the harmful attack.

Our Standard Approach To Beetle Treatment Adelaide

Our pest removal strategy involves the most effective techniques and procedures. We offer the premium quality beetle control treatment solution in Adelaide to you for getting rid of these parasites completely. Our four-step systematic approach to beetle control involves:

Beetle Inspection

Our first step to Beetle control treatment begins with a thorough inspection service. Our specialist will drive to your site, immediately after you discuss your infestation issue with us. 

It will inform you about the type of beetle species infesting your site, the extent of damage caused by them, the possible factors that attract them, and the scope of the further infestation.


Custom Beetle Treatment Plan

After inspecting and locating the infested spots, we move on to create a customised plan that best suits your solution. The main idea behind it is to implement the best possible measures to exterminate the pest completely.

The plan includes the treatment procedure details, the expected time to complete the process, instruction for you to follow, and the information regarding the possible outcome.

Beetle Extermination

Although we use industry-standard, safe, and tested pesticides to exterminate beetles, eggs, and their larvae, still, we take precautions to keep it out of reach of your children, pregnant lady, and pets. You should keep a distance from the operation site if you have allergies or any other medical problems.

We use a variety of Beetle treatment methods based on the infestation level and the pest species. Some of them are spraying of chemical, the dusting of floorboards, and the use of different types of bug sprays on and around the infested location. We also set-up barriers and traps.


Beetle Prevention Tips

We assist our customerswith ongoing prevention tips that avoid future infestation. Some of them are:

  • Vacuuming,cleaning, and maintenance carpets, wooden items, etc.
  • Washing linen with powerful detergent and soaking them in an insecticidal solution
  • Proper sealing of gaps and cracks

Why Choose Our Beetle Treatment Services in Adelaide?

Same-day or the next day service
TAFE and APCA-certified specialists
Safe and family-friendly treatment procedure
Local pest exterminator team
Upfront quotes, competitive prices
Custom treatment plan with an outstanding result
Friendly and transparent customer service
100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Our years of experience and knowledge help in understanding your expectations better than any other beetle control service provider in your Adelaide area. 

We are expert in creating an exact solution for your problems. Some of the service traits that make us different from others in the industry are.  

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