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Bird Control Adelaide

Bird Control Services In Adelaide

An effective bird control service requires both experience and expertise. After serving numerous homes and businesses across Adelaide for years, Tom’s Pest Control has acquired both. We use the premium products and the latest techniques to removal bird problems entirely from your Adelaide area. Birds can’t give you a pleasant experience while sharing your place. They make your home and office space dirty and unwelcoming. Cleaning their droppings, features, and other dirty things they carry is an awful task. They carry health risks like histoplasmosis, encephalitis,toxoplasmosis, andseveral other diseases.

As a reputed bird removal company in your area, Tom’s Pest Control has a wealth of experience and expertise in bird pest control in Adelaide without harming your business operations and homes. Our key to the success of bird prevention strategy is our solid experience and knowledge of different bird species and their nesting habits.

Common Pest Birds That Irritates You

Some common bird species that may irritate and harm you through infestation are:

We are expert in providing bird control treatment for different types of pest birds in Adelaide area. You can contact our bird netting and control specialist Adelaide today to discuss our successful techniques for bird removal from house and office.

How Birds Can Cause Damage

Birds can be troublesome when they decide to occupy in and around your home or commercial building. They can be detrimental to our health, homes, commercial buildings and other properties. Birds are known to cause a number of issues include:

Roof damage- Birds will often house in gutters, under roof corners and drains. These birds can block the drains which will cause the rainwater to seep under roofing tiles as well as other areas damaging your property. Excessive water seepage on the roofs may collapse the roof. Birds can can also cause water damage to sub roofs which can create wood decay and attract termites.

Damage solar panels- Bird nests, droppings and debris can badly damage solar panels. Birds wil often create their nests under solar panels, which can attract other unwanted pests such as possums and rodents. These creatures can chew the electrical wiring in the solar panel and cause sparks and rooftop fires. If you are looking for bird proofing for solar panels, we can help you with that by providing high-quality and affordable mesh installation services.

Block ventilation systems- Bird nests and their droppings can easily block a commercial property’s ventilation systems. Poor air circulation can be harmful to your health. In many cases, it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Why bird proofing your solar panel is great idea?

Solar panels are a high-value investment, but unfortunately, they are vulnerable to bird damage. You need to install bird proofing on your solar panels to protect them from pesky and annoying birds. The cost and inconvenience of changing a damaged solar panel are much more than installing bird proofing mesh. Once the bird mesh is installed on the solar panel, birds will not be able to enter it. Furthermore, it doesn’t interfere with your solar panels’ solar energy collection capacity. The quality of the mesh is also crucial. If the mesh is not strong enough, it won’t protect your panels. If the mesh is too thick the solar panels may not get enough sunlight to provide effective solar energy. Tom’s Pest Control can install high-quality mesh from reliable manufacturers to protect your solar panel completely. Rely on us for best-in-class bird proofing solar panel services with us.

Bird control customised treatment plan

At Tom’s Pest Control, we believe that one size does not fit all. So, before offering you any bird proofing solution, we will visit your property to understand your issues. Depending on that, we create a customised bird proofing plan. Our experts will suggest the most effective bird control solutions to match your needs and your budget. Our personalised bird control plan will also prevent you from getting unnecessary treatment that could increase the cost and harm your property.

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Bird Netting, Protection & Prevention in Adelaide

Bird droppings and feathers carry many diseases and make your surroundings dirty and unhygienic. The place gives unwelcoming experience and can put off your potential customers or clients from entering your office or home.

If these pest birds are not appropriately managed in time, they can result in bigger nuisance. They can create chaos, pose a threat to property and health. It may result in business loss, money loss, and many other issues.

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Our Industry-Standard Bird Control Process

We apply set of industry-accredited procedure to provide long-term relief. Our systematic four-step bird protection strategy provides complete eradication of pest bird from home and office building. 

Bird Prevention Inspection

Our bird exterminator will give a visit to your site and conduct a thorough inspection without disturbing your routine work. We will discuss and perform our task at the time that is most convenient for your family or employees. We will study the bird species that is causing you trouble, understand itsnesting preferences, and analyse the extent of damage it has caused to your environment.

We will locate the nesting sites to find out the reasons that have attracted them and prevent the likelihood of future infestation.


Bird Removal Treatment in Adelaide

Based on inspections, we will create a custom bird pest control treatment plan that suits your pocket also. The plan will give you the valuable information of the treatment procedure, the time required to complete the process, necessary instructions for the inhabitants to follow, the result, and more.

We will be in regular touch with you to give you the latest updates on the ongoing bird eradication treatment. You are free to ask any questions and clarify your doubts.

Bird Removal Procedure

We invest in the most advanced equipment and technology to provide you with the best service possible in the industry. We apply various types of techniques as different bird pests respond differently to each method. Some of our techniques includes hock tracks ,bird traps, bird spikes ,and sound system.

Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide is well equipped with all types of tools and techniques required for inspecting, baiting, and catching the birds. It helps in complete eradication of this nasty creature from your place.


Ongoing Bird Prevention Tips

If you desire long-term relief from the bird nuisances, then you will have to follow specific ongoing brid prevention, including:
  • Removal of the source of standing water
  • Avoidance of feeding birds daily
  • Trimming of trees to control bird roosting
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of property sites
  • Cleaning and covering of gutters

Why Choose us For Bird Protection & Prevention?

Tom’s Pest Control has the record of making a massive difference in the quality of people’s life by providing the best pest control techniques available in the industry. Some of the traits that make us the preferred choice of numerous homes and businesses in Adelaide are:

Same-day or the next day service
TAFE and APCA-certified specialists
Safe and family-friendly treatment procedure
Local pest exterminator team
Upfront quotes, competitive prices
Custom treatment plan with an outstanding result
Friendly and transparent customer service
100 percent satisfaction guarantee
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If you are considering bird removal from roofs of high-rise building in Adelaide area, we are well-equipped to address your intricate bird pest removal requirements.


If birds have attacked your property and are building nests in various corners of your home or office, you need to appoint a professional to carry out bird pest control services. 

It is possible to remove various types of birds from your property with appropriate pest control services. A professional pest control company like Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide will use the proper techniques and equipment to remove various types of birds from your property permanently. We promise to carry out bird removal procedures in a safe and humanely manner.

Birds enter your property in search of food and water. If your home becomes a source of food and water for them, they will likely stay inside and begin nesting. To remove them from your property, you need to identify their food source and make arrangements to stop the supply. 

You may cover all trashcans with lids and ensure no leftover food lies on your flooring. Keep your yard and home tidy to keep birds at bay. Also, you can consider lining your home with spikes. You can have X-shape needles installed on the edges of your building. This will prevent them from sitting on the walls and making their way inside your property.

If you have spotted a bird in your home and aren’t confident about removing it on your own, you can seek help from a professional pest control company. You may call the pest control experts at Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide and discuss your problem. We will send our team to check for the issue and provide an appropriate solution. We will then carry out the correct procedure to safely and humanly remove the bird from your property. Note that we only use appropriate techniques and methods to remove the birds from your property safely.

If you find a bird stuck in your home, you need to open all windows and doors for it to find its way out. To direct the bird to move out of the house, you can keep some food at your window, so when the bird comes to feed on it, it can find its way out. If these efforts fail, you may seek help from a professional. 

Call a pest control company to remove the bird from your property safely. The experts may carry out the correct procedure to catch the bird stuck in your house and set it free outside.

There are many signs of bird infestation that you need to watch out for. Some of the most common ones are: 

Droppings – You will find bird droppings all over your property. Birds living in your property will leave their droppings on your floor, clothes and furniture.

Noises – You may hear sounds of bird cries, especially if young chicks have invaded your property. Also, if they are residing on your roof, you will hear sounds when they land and settle.

Bird Feathers – If birds are residing on your property, you will find bird feathers along with nesting materials scattered in your home.

Bird removal cost in Adelaide can range between $300 – $1000. The cost of bird removal service depends upon several factors. When you call a pest control professional, they inspect your property to understand the level of infestation. 

The cost of the bird removal treatment depends upon the number of rooms or areas from where the birds have to be removed, the level of infestation, and the amount of effort required to clean up the entire space.

An expert can only provide the exact quote for the treatment after a thorough inspection of your property. To know the cost of bird removal from your property, get in touch with us.

Place fake predators to keep birds away from the roof. Pigeons and crows are scared of owls, whereas magpies and other small birds are scared of Raven. 

You can use statues of these natural predators and prevent various birds from sitting on your roof. Also, you can have speakers installed on your roof to play natural sounds made by these predators animals.

The birds will not gather near your roof, thinking the predators are resting somewhere nearby. You can also consider installing bird spikes made of steel or plastic on your roof. These spikes aren’t comfortable to sit upon, so the birds won’t get on to your roof.

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