Wood Borer Treatment In Adelaide

Wood borer infestation is responsible for causing severe damage to your properties and wooden furniture. It hinders the quality of your expensive wooden furniture and those parts of the property made of timber.

If you are struggling with a wood borer pest infestation? If you are searching for a quality borer pest control in Adelaide, then why not choose Tom’s Pest Control – the industry expert in providing effective extermination of wood borers in house and office property.

Our licensed and insured team of borer pest control specialist are expert in providing safe, family-friendly, and same-day pest treatment to all types of businesses and residents across Adelaide. All our pest control products are safe, tested, and comply with the norms of the Australian standard.

We use the latest techniques and tools to remove every single borer from your place and provide preventive tips to stop the likelihood of future infestation. We value your investment in wooden furniture and other products and use our know-how to take care of it, completely. 

Importance Of Timely Wood Borer Treatment

The borer pest infestation in wood can quickly spread and infect other wooden products. It may result in widespread damage and loss to your property and money. Hence, professional treatment for wood borer is essential to protect your expensive furniture and property from further damage.

Borer infestation can result in some of the following issues, and you may require immediate treatment of wood borer professional help to solve it completely:

How Can You Determine Wood Borer Infestation In Furniture

If you see any of the following signs, you can make sure of the issues you are facing with your wood because of the borer infestation. Contact your local expert Adelaide Pest Control for professional inspection and solution:

Wood borer not only causes damage to the costly wood but also consumes those products that have sentimental value to you.

woodborer pest control services

Our Standard Approach To Wood Borers Control Services

Our team of qualified, licensed, and skilled technicians are well-equipped with all the credentials required for extermination all types of wood borer pests from your surroundings. We guarantee long-term relief from the borer attack.

Our four-step systematic approach to borer control treatment limits the likelihood of the pest affecting your wood.

Wood Borer Inspection

We start our borer pest treatment service with a thorough inspection of your wood. The examination helps in determining the type of borer species affecting your site, the factors responsible for attracting them, the extent of the damage caused, and other relevant information. You may have to repair your wood to restore your property.

Wood Borer Treatment

Custom Borer Treatment Plan

We will tailor an effective borer treatment plan to protect your wood. Our plan also concentrates on protecting your furniture from future borer attacks. The borer treatment furniture plan deals with the type of pest species and the level of damage they have caused.

It includes details on the treatment procedure, the expected time it will take to complete the treatment, necessary instructions that you may have to follow, and the desired outcome.

Borer Extermination Adelaide

After the formulation of the custom treatment plan, our pest control technician will start the treatment process at your location, without hampering your routine work. We generally follow three types of treatment methods, including: 

  • Entotherm heat treatment
  • Water-based treatments
  • Fumigation treatments

We also use a combination of these methods depending on the severity of the infestation level. Each of our tacticsis effective enough to limit the likelihood of future infestation.

Wood Borer control

Wood Borer Prevention Tips

Following of ongoing borer preventive tips are necessary if you desire to stop returning of the wood borers to your property. Hence, our expert will assist you with some of the simple yet useful tips that will limit the possibility of future infestation.

You can stop borer attack by keeping your area neat and clean. You will have to take care of timely trimming of trees, cleaning and maintenance of timber products, mowing of grass, and bushes. You need to repair the cracks to limit the entry points for wood borers. The regular inspection of wooden furniture and other products can help in checking the borer attack.

Why Partner With Tom’s Pest Control?

We value our long-term relationship with our customers. Our main objective is to provide optimal solutions to your pest infestation issues thatgive peace of mind and improve the quality of your life. Some of the reasons that make us outshine our competitors are:

Same-day or the next day service
TAFE and APCA-certified specialists
Safe and family-friendly treatment procedure
Local pest exterminator team
Upfront quotes, competitive prices
Custom treatment plan with an outstanding result
Friendly and transparent customer service
100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Wood Borer inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

You can diagnose boredom by small cracks in your carpets and furniture.

Wood borers are parasites that eat wood and wood furniture. Many wood borers are found in Australia. While some are harmful, others can be beneficial.

The furniture beetle is one of Australia’s most common borers. The furniture beetle is a brownish, oblong-shaped insect with a length of 2.7 to 2.5mm. They can leave 2-3mm space when moving furniture.

It is crucial to act fast to avoid more damage from wood borers. These are indicators that you may have a woodborer problem.

  • Wood will look fresher and cleaner if it has sharp sides.
  • Sometimes, placement tests are done in timbers (sometimes called galleries).
  • Frass is also known as “birthed dirt” and is a kind of adult beetle. It is often found under infected timber.
  • Poor or damaged floorboards could prove dangerous in difficult situations. For example, a chair leg or foot can break through the flooring and cause serious injury.
  • Wooden splintering at the edges of roofing joints and flooring
  • Dead beetles are often found on windowsills that border polluted lumber.
  • Adult beetles can emerge from wood at different times.
  • The beetle determines the size and shape of eggs. They are, however, difficult to see with the naked eye.

Wood borer infestations can be managed at home. Borer beetle damage may also be managed at home using natural and artificial products.

Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide believes prompt, reliable treatment is essential to prevent mishaps and protect valuable items. We will assist you in finding the best solution to your pest problem.

We are concerned about the safety and well-being of your pets and family members. Therefore, we will quickly restore your home to its original state. Our pest control technicians will eradicate the wood borer infestation.

Draw a circle around entry/exit points below or above the influenced trees to determine if Borers have energy. Then, keep checking in every three months. If they don’t make new spaces, they are considered inactive. They believe they can make the space livelier by creating new spaces.

Borers love antique furniture, architectural timbers, and floor coverings. Therefore, it is important to inspect your furniture regularly to keep borers out of your home. Borer dirt may also be released from contaminated wooden furniture if thrown over.

However, dirt and some openings might not indicate a borer task. You can check for dirt manufacturing by placing the paper under the damaged timber to see sufficient openings.

Depending on the circumstances, many kinds and teams of wood-boring insects can damage or take in wood. This beetle’s larval stage, known as woodworms, is where most damage occurs. The longhorn borers are one of the most varied beetle families. They are a mixture of bark beetles and weevils.

The borer can live approximately three years from egg to adult. Anobium borer is a woodborer that grows from an opening in a leaf. The Anobium borer reproduces then and lays eggs.

Borer is larvae or grub living in wood and lives for the longest time. This can cause structural damage. This is the larval stage. This is the place where it is most commonly invested.

You can do this by looking for wood powders in furniture that has been contaminated. If the powder isn’t white or doesn’t clump together, larvae may still exist.

LA pterion may be present if the powder is yellowish or clumpy. If the problem persists, it is important to act. Chemicals can be used to treat adult beetles. You can remove the infection from your home if it isn’t active.

You can take the furniture down if it is yours. However, you should inspect the furniture first to see if it has any damage or repairs that real estate structures may have made.

Wood-boring insects can be a pest in urban and rural areas due to their destructive nature. Urban homes can also be at risk from these pests.

The most common wood-boring insects are termites, bark, wood borers, and powder post beetles. They may have been visible at the time they started to eat wood.

Adult beetles are housed in wooden holes. The larvae spend many years chewing wood after the eggs hatch. As a result, wood borers can recycle nutrients from dead or dying trees, which can benefit forest ecosystems.

The larvae of the wood borer are tiny, invisible dots that infiltrate wood. They live in wood and eat it from the inside.

The adult beetle has been working in the woods for hours and is now ready to go. An adult beetle digs a hole 1-2mm in diameter. The final act in wood-destroying is the trapdoor.

After three to four weeks, they stop eating wood and reproduce. After hatching, the tiny eggs turn into larvae. These tiny holes are almost invisible because they slip into the wood. Finally, the eggs are ready to be placed on top.

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