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Cockroaches are very annoying creatures. They make your place unhygienic and spread diseases. Hence, they are a threat to the health and wellbeing of your family and office staffs. Moreover, these pests possess annoying resilience, which makes them the toughest of all insects to eliminate them completely without professional help.

They can quickly bounce the most brutal and poisonous pesticides off their hardened shells. Hence, these hidden pests have the potential to creep out of your kitchen sink or cabinet even after your efforts to remove them. The only way to your complete relief and peace of mind is to ask for professional cockroach control in Adelaide, Tom’s Pest Control – your local partner.

Our standard approach to cockroach treatment procedures ensures complete removal withno chances of relapse. We believe making all homes and business properties cockroach-free and disease-free. Cockroaches contaminate foods, trigger asthma, and causes severe food poisoning, and we care these should not happen with you.

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    Why Timely Extermination Is Essential

    Cockroaches act as a host that carries several pathogenic bacteria. Some of them are staphylococcus,salmonella, streptococcus, and poliovirus. Cockroach droppings carry microbes that cause a threat to health and hygiene issues. They transmit diseases and cause life risk:

    • Campylobacteriosis
    • Asthma
    • Cholera
    • Listeriosis
    • Dysentery
    • E. coli infections
    • Plague
    • Leprosy
    • Typhoid fever
    • Salmonellosis

    The German cockroach isa commonly found species that multiply faster and increases the risk of infestation. Contact Tom’s Pest Control for German cockroach control services in your area.

    Signs To Determine Cockroach Infestation

    If youseeone cockroach creeping around your office or home, it indicates that there is a higher probability of a complete infestation hiding away in the dark and moist corner of your place. If you want to be sure of infestation, you will have to pay attention to some of the following signs:

    • Shed skin
    • Egg capsules
    • Droppings
    • Smear marks
    • Unpleasant odour
    Cockroaches lay anywhere between 18-50 eggs. It proves that they can cause more havoc by multiplying at a very fast rate. If you notice any of the signs, you can count on Tom’s Pest Control for same-day inspection and quick solution.
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    Our Systematic Cockroach Control Strategies

    We use a four-step, systematic approach to cockroach treatment in Adelaide. We utilise the latest developments and the most powerful treatment method to smoke out and kill the infestation at its root. The chances for further relapses are almost none in our treatment method.


    We start our treatment service inspection of the infested site. We perform our task without interrupting your schedule work. Our inspection will help in determining the source of the infestation, the extent of damage caused, the type of pest species, health and hygiene risk of your family and employees, and much more. It will locate the area from where we will start our treatment process.

    Cockroach inspection and treatment

    Customised Treatment Plan

    We will tailor a cockroach pest treatment plan on the basis of our findings. The treatment plan includes information on the type of cockroach species,suitable treatment method, the expected time for completion, the expected outcome, instructions for you to follow, and other relevant details.

    Whether it’s an Australian cockroach eliminationor a German cockroach treatment, we have the know-how to address all species of cockroach with almost no chances of future relapses.  


    After the successful planning of the treatment procedure, we put our extermination process into action. We apply different types of treatment methods, including, fumigation, heat treatment, cockroach baits, and many more to eradicate these pests.

    All our products and techniques are industry-approved. They eliminate adult cockroaches, their eggs and nymph spreading around without causing any health hazard. Our cockroach extermination strategy guarantees complete peace of mind with desired outcomes. 

    Ongoing Prevention Tips

    We will assist you with some fruitfultips that you will have to follow to improve the quality of your life and environment. Some of them are:

    • Regular cleaning and removal of clutter to destroy the breeding ground of cockroaches
    • Disposal of garbage
    • Sanitation and regular maintenance of hygiene
    • Proper ventilation for avoiding the sources of moisture
    • Regular inspection of dark and damp places that have the potential for infestation

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

    We feel proud to say that we are the preferred choices of all residents and businesses across town because of our following standards:

    Same-day or the next day service
    TAFE and APCA-certified specialists
    Safe and family-friendly treatment procedure
    Local pest exterminator team
    Upfront quotes, competitive prices
    Custom treatment plan with an outstanding result
    Friendly and transparent customer service
    100 percent satisfaction guarantee

    The professional and experienced team of Tom’s Pest Control focus on strict sanitation standard while offering pest control for cockroach in your place. Our high-standard cockroach pest control boosts morale and protects the health of your family and office staffs.

    Cockroach control adelaide

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cockroaches can be a problem for homeowners. You can control cockroaches by setting up bait stations or spraying them. They may return. Roaches, as with all living creatures, require water for survival.

    Cockroaches love to hide under damp surfaces like your bathroom or kitchen. It doesn’t matter how much water you have; it only matters.

    Any water source that can cause cockroach issues needs to be drained. It would be helpful if you also checked for leaks in your pipes. You can get assistance from Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide in determining where the cockroach infestation originated.

    Allergies and asthma can be brought on by excrement, saliva, and part-shedding. These allergens can trigger allergic responses when inhaled. For instance, the survey revealed that 63% of Australians have cockroach allergies.

    This number can increase to 78%-98% in urban regions. Consult an allergist to learn if you are allergic to cockroaches. The most typical symptoms of cockroach allergy are those.

    • Coughing
    • Nasal clogging
    • A skin rash
    • You are wheezing
    • Infected ears
    • Nasal infection

    Seasonal allergies are mild compared to cockroach allergies. Consult a dermatologist if you think you could be allergic.

    Allow the mixture to absorb for at least 15 minutes. You can then observe the skin’s reaction. You can then contact us to discuss a permanent solution for your cockroach problem.

    The extent of the infection determines everything. Usually, German cockroaches go away after two weeks. However, serious infestations could take up to eight weeks.

    The German cockroach ranges in size from half an inch to five-eighths of an inch. This species has a tiny, flat body. From their backs to their brown or tan colours, two dark lines travel down their backs. Despite having wings, they are unable to fly.

    German cockroaches can multiply quickly and be hard to eradicate without professional assistance. However, many tools and strategies can be used to eradicate your infestation. Pest control professionals are invaluable. A Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide expert can help you save time and money if your infestation is serious.

    It can be hard to tell if they are infested because they hide so well. While you may only be able to see one cockroach at once, there may be many others hidden beneath your feet. If you notice signs of infestation, it is important to act immediately.

    • Cracks in dark hiding spots with tiny black marks or cockroaches’ poop
    • Faecal debris can be described as a black streak or spot found almost anywhere.
    • Skins left behind

    There are two types: live and dead cockroaches. They are known for their foul odour.

    You should check for cockroach infestations in kitchens and bathrooms, as they are the most prevalent.

    If oriental cockroaches are prevalent at higher elevations, look for dampness and concealed leaks. Cockroaches prefer gloomy places, so use a flashlight or a long magnifying lens to find them.

    About 450 native cockroaches live in Australia. This is only a fraction of the over 4,000+ species worldwide of cockroaches. This isn’t alarming, though, as six species of cockroaches are most common in Australia.

    There are six kinds of Australian cockroaches.

    • German cockroach
    • Oriental cockroach
    • Australian cockroach
    • Brown Banded Cockroach
    • Smoky brown cockroach

    Cockroaches can be found on ships and in homes. Over the past 200 years, these common house pests were introduced to Australia.

    We can either stop cockroaches from entering your home or eliminate them.

    All garbage containers not covered must be placed outside. All surfaces, including stoves and countertops, must be cleaned. Unworn and unworn furniture and clothing should not be stored in your home. Cooking materials should never be left unattended at the sink.

    Cockroaches love open food. Clean out all drawers and shelves. This is because insects love to nest inside dirty places.

    Make sure to clean out the bathroom and kitchen drains. Add phenol to the water, and then wipe the floors with it.

    They are a pest in Adelaide and can spread disease quickly and reproduce quickly. German cockroaches are attracted to warm and humid environments. They can produce as many as 100,000 eggs per year.

    Many factors can affect the cost of cockroach control. Cockroach removal costs can be affected by many factors. The cost of cockroach removal depends on the size and method used. Treatments for Adelaide’s German Cockroaches or other pests, for example, can cost $130. Treatment can take 3-4 weeks and cost $100.

    To eliminate roaches, you should only use one strategy. You must develop a comprehensive treatment plan if cockroaches are infesting your home. This will be more expensive.

    The most widespread species of Australian cockroach is the German cockroach.

    The American cockroach can be a nuisance and infest other buildings. American cockroaches are commonly known as the “Palmetto Bug”. The “Palmetto Bug” is often called because it lives in trees. It is attracted to dark, damp, and unperturbed areas.

    They can be found in basements, bathrooms, and subfloors. American cockroaches measure 35-40mm in length and have a reddish-brown colour that sparkles. Male wings are larger than their bodies, and female wings barely touch their abdomens.

    An insect growth regulator can be used to stop roach reproduction. Invict Gold is an insect growth regulator that kills adult German Roaches.

    Anyone who has ever used the German Roach Spray Kit will be able to continue to use it. This insecticide mixture includes both Alpine WSG pesticides and Tekko Pro IGR. However, it doesn’t repel them (Insect Growth Regulation). Spray the liquid mixture in cracks and crevices first. Then, spray the Shockwave aerosol on the surface to eliminate roaches.

    As a long-term solution, we recommend Avert Flowable bait. It is extremely durable and can be used for many years. It can also be used as bait or tracker. This powdered bait is used to lure and track roaches. It should not be placed in cracks, crevices, or under appliances. Gel baits are also available for flat surfaces.

    German cockroaches may die if they are left to heat at 45F for more than 10 hours. They can also die if exposed to heat below 14 degrees F.

    Cockroaches can’t regulate their body temperature after exposure to temperatures up to 50 degrees. As a result, they die when exposed to temperatures they do not like.

    Different species of cockroaches can survive with different survival rates. They can survive at just the right temperature. However, they will die if exposed to too much heat or too little cold. They can be frozen or heated but will not survive. Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide can help with severe infestations in your house or office.

    Pest control experts instal bait in various corners of your home to control cockroaches. The bait can be in any form – solid, liquid or gel. Cockroaches that feed on the bait die after some time. Also, as they return to their colony after feeding, they are likely to defecate and infect other cockroaches as well.

    This treatment thus removes the current population of cockroaches from your home and also prevents them from multiplying. If the property owner requires immediate treatment for removing cockroaches, the fumigation process is carried on in the property. This procedure involves the application of insecticide using a gas exterminator.

    The cost for removing cockroaches from a Adelaide property may be anything between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. The price for the treatment is determined by several factors like the type of bait system installed, the number of visits required to complete the job, the size of the area to be covered and more. To know the exact cost of the cockroach removal treatment, it is best to contact Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide. Discuss your pest control needs with us, and we will send our experts to inspect your property. Post-inspection, our experts will provide you with the quotation for the same treatment.

    It is best to have bait systems installed on your property to control the growth of cockroaches and prevent them from coming back in the future. What type of bait system your property requires – the experts can best determine liquid, solid or gel.

    Once the bait system is installed, you can expect to see results within a few weeks. Once the cockroaches in your property begin to come in contact with the bait, they are likely to begin to die. After a few days of the installation, you can expect to see lesser cockroaches roaming on your property.

    There are many treatments available for removing cockroaches from your property. You can buy cockroaches spray available in the market and use them in the corners of your home that are often attacked or visited by cockroaches. These sprays contain solutions that can kill cockroaches when they come in contact with them.

    Also, you can make use of cockroach repellents available in the form of sands and sprays at the door and windows of your home. These repellents have a strong odour that will keep cockroaches from entering your property.

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