Cockroaches Facts & Identification

Cockroach Facts & Identification – Protecting Your Health and Property

There are over 4000 species of cockroaches found worldwide, but only a few are well-known as pests. Cockroaches are known for their ability to adapt to different environments and rapidly reproduce. They are also known for their resistance to chemicals and ability to carry pathogens that can cause human illness.
Most cockroaches have a flat, oval-shaped body, long antennae, and six legs. They range in size from a few millimetres to over five centimetres long. These creatures are typically brown or black and have a glossy appearance.
Cockroaches are omnivores and feed on a wide variety of food, including plants, other insects, and organic matter. They are also attracted to moist environments, such as drains and sewage systems, and are often considered a nuisance pest in homes and commercial buildings.

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Pest Cockroach Species

Some common cockroach species found in Australian households are:

German Cockroaches

The German cockroach (Blattella germanica) is a small, brownish species of cockroach that is one of the most widespread household pests. They are usually about 1.1 to 1.6 cm long, and their thorax has two parallel black stripes. German cockroaches are known for their ability to reproduce quickly and adapt to various environments, including homes, apartments, hotels, and commercial kitchens. These creatures feed on different food sources, including plants, other insects, and organic matter, but they are particularly attracted to sugary and starchy foods.

Australian Cockroaches

The Australian cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae) is a large species of cockroach that is similar in appearance to the American cockroach but is slightly smaller. These cockroaches are reddish-brown and can grow up to 35 mm in length. It has distinctive light-yellow bands on the upper margins of the forewings. Like many other cockroach species, the Australian cockroach is omnivorous and will feed on various food sources, including plants, other insects, and organic matter.

American Cockroaches

The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is one of the largest domestic cockroaches, with adults measuring about 3.8 to 5 cm in length. They are reddish-brown, with a yellowish margin on the pronotum. They have six legs, two antennae, and wings, although they are not strong fliers and mostly rely on crawling to get around.

Smoky Brown Cockroaches

The smoky brown cockroach (Periplaneta fuliginosa) is a large, flying cockroach named for its distinctive brown colour that appears smoky or nearly black. The adult cockroaches of this species can grow up to 35 mm in length. This species is known for its ability to fly and glide through the air, making it a common sight around porch lights and other light sources.

Oriental Cockroaches

The Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis) is a large, dark brown or black cockroach growing up to 25 mm in length. These cockroaches are often referred to as waterbugs because they prefer moist, relaxed environments, such as below sinks, washing machines, and around sewers.

Brown Banded Cockroaches

The brown-banded cockroach (Supella longipalpa) is a small, light brown to dark brown cockroach commonly found in homes and buildings. Adults typically grow to about 10 – 14 mm in length and are distinguished by the two light-coloured bands that run across their dark bodies.

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