Brown Banded Cockroach Control Treatment

Brown-banded cockroach is an invasive species known for their unique markings of dark brown bodies and two light brown bands across their wings. These bands are visible in both adults and babies.

Brown-banded roaches frequently hide out in our homes. You can find them near kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and behind photo frames. Even though they’re night-dwellers, you can spot them on the move throughout the day. The lifespan of these cockroaches may be shorter than you think. It lasts for about 206 days.

Adult German Cockroaches
Baby German Cockroaches Around Egg Case
Juvenile German Cockroaches

Dangers to Humans

Brown-banded roaches are a nuisance that can invade your kitchen and damage your clothing and furniture by feasting on fabric and paper. Moreover, they can spread harmful bacteria and diseases through food contamination. Their shed skins and droppings can even trigger allergies.

Signs of an Infestation

Identifying infestations of these cockroaches can be tricky, but their droppings are a clear giveaway. These droppings resemble black specks or smears and can be found where cockroaches take shelter.

Brown-banded roaches can lay yellow egg cases in sneaky spots around your house. And if you spot even one of these pesky critters, chances are there are more lurking around. Thus, it’s essential to look for these signs of infestation and act instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Male cockroaches only can fly, even though both males and females have wings. The secret lies in the length of their wings. The male has well-developed wings that extend beyond the tip of their abdomen, granting them the ability to fly quickly. On the contrary, females have underdeveloped wings.

Brown-banded nymphs shed their skin, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. The discarded skin can cause itchy eyes, sneezing, and general discomfort. Additionally, these critters’ droppings can also lead to allergic reactions.

These critters prefer warm temperatures. That’s why they often seek cosy shelter inside properties. They can hitch a ride on infested furniture, food products, grocery items, and electronics, finding their way into your home. You can notice their presence in living areas with easy access to food and hiding places.
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