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Construction Pest Control Service Adelaide

It is vital to tackle pest infestations as soon as possible during construction. Uncontrolled pest activity can cause structural damage and may affect the structure of a building.

Tom’s Pest Control is a specialist in pest management for construction sites and completed buildings. Our experts have the equipment and knowledge to eradicate pest problems quickly and prevent further infestations.

We know the unique challenges of pest control in a construction environment. So, you can trust us to provide a pest-free environment from beginning to end for your project.

Why Choose Us For Construction Pest Control Treatment In Adelaide?

Tom’s Pest Control offers a wide range of services for the businesses. No matter you want café pest control Adelaide, restaurant pest control in Adelaide, or extermination services for any other commercial space, we can provide you tailored cafe or restaurant pest control services in Adelaide. It will help you to safeguard your space from current pest issues and future infestation risks.

Our range of Adelaide Commercial Pest Control services are the following:

Types Of Commercial Pest Control Services

Visit our individual pest control service pages to learn more about each of these pest control treatment services in Adelaide. You can also talk to our pest technicians if you have specific questions about our pest issues.

Pre-construction Pest Control

It is essential to identify potential pest problems before you begin any construction project.Infestations during construction can cause delays, additional expenses, and damage to the structure and the neighbouring property.

Pre-construction pest control is crucial. Pests like termites, rats, or ants can be prevented from infiltrating your work site by treating them before you break ground. In addition, pest activity can be controlled by monitoring and maintaining the area during construction.

Pests shouldn’t hinder your construction efforts. Hence, trust a professional pest control company like Tom’s Pest Control for pre-construction treatments to ensure success.

Contact Tom’s Pest Control to Get Pest Control for Construction Site

Pests can be attracted to construction sites. However, pest problems can be more than a nuisance as they can cause damage to equipment and materials and pose risks to the workers’ health.

Tom’s Pest Control services are designed to eliminate pest infestations in the construction industry and prevent future ones.

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with construction sites and is familiar with all regulations. Tom’s Pest Control can help you with all your pest control requirements. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction pest control services must be availed before the ground is broken. Before construction, a thorough inspection of the property is necessary to find any pests or entry points. Then, regular pest control treatments and inspections should be performed as the building progresses. To ensure that residents live in a safe and pleasant environment after construction is finished, you should implement ongoing pest control measures. It is possible to prevent pest infestations from causing damage or inconvenience later by getting proactive.

Termiglass is a termite-control product that uses borates. It works by forming a barrier between termites and wood when it is mixed with water. The borate in Termiglass helps protect against future infestations. It makes wood unpalatable for termites. Termiglass doesn’t require drilling or removal, which makes it a cost-effective and non-intrusive option for termite treatment. Termiglass does not emit an odour and leaves no residue. Therefore, it is safe to use in commercial and residential buildings.

When choosing a pest controller company, you should first consider its cost. TPC offers affordable and flexible contract options for residential and commercial clients. Our estimates and initial inspections are free, and we offer quality pest control services at the best price possible. In addition, we offer traditional monthly or quarterly services and one-time and long-term preventive plans. When calculating the cost for your contract, we consider the size and layout of your property as well the type of pests. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our pricing options and schedule your inspection.

It depends on where the construction was done and what kind of construction it is. For residential constructions, you may not need to maintain pest control as long the appropriate preventative measures are taken. To prevent pest infestations from returning after construction is completed, you may need to continue pest control in high-risk areas, such as areas near multiple bodies of water or heavily wooded areas. To protect expensive crops and equipment, pest control in industrial and agricultural settings can be essential.

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