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 We at Tom’s Pest Control in Fitzroy will help you get rid of these pests from your property and make it healthy and beautiful once again. With the use of modern technologies and an experienced team of pest terminators in Fitzroy, the pest won’t be coming back to your property in future.

Pest infestation is not something that you should take lightly. It can harm you and your family and can prove to be a great threat to your health too. It will not only affect your health but will also damage your Fitzroy property and disturb the serenity of your life.

Book a best pest inspection and pest control with us in Fitzroy and restore the beauty and healthiness of your home and your workplace with Toms Pest Control Adelaide

Pest Removal Solutions At Tom’s Pest Control

Getting rid of these harmful and infectious pests from your property is our main aim at Tom’s Pest Control. We conduct pest inspection at all properties to check the level of infestation. Once we know what your property needs, we begin its treatment accordingly.

We offer the following services at Tom’s Pest Control: 

Termite Extermination in Fitzroy

At first, you won’t be bothered by termites as they will not attack you or your pets directly. But, when they begin to feed on your wooden structures, you will feel the need to remove them from your property. You can contact us to carry on the termite extermination procedure on your property, so you can be sure that your furniture is safe. 

Bird Control in Fitzroy

No doubt birds are cute to play with and you will feel them as stress-relievers. But, when they built a nest around your property, then the real problem will begin. Their feathers and droppings are infectious and can harm your health, and this is why it is essential to control birds from entering your property. We offer bird control services with the use of the latest equipment and environment-friendly solutions. You can count on us for the safe removal of different types of birds from your property. 

Affordable Commercial Pest Control in Fitzroy

We take great pride in our Fitzroy pest control services for offices, restaurants, and various other commercial buildings. Our commercial pest control services in Fitzroy are much acclaimed in the suburb. We have the knowledge to free various types of commercial properties of harmful pests.

Our commercial pest control services Fitzroy are ideal for cleaning commercial properties of various types of pests. Contact us for treatments like: 

  • Mosquito control
  • Flea treatment
  • Wasp removal
  • Silverfish treatment
  • Fly control
  • Beetle control
  • And many more…

Rodent Extermination

Are you afraid of watching rats running wild in your kitchen? Well, not anymore as we offer one of the best rodent extermination services in Fitzroy. We will exterminate them from your Fitzroy property. Our advanced machines and traps combining with our experienced staff will help you get rid of these contagious creatures from your property and help you live a serene life. 

Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches can live and survive in harshest of conditions but one thing is sure that they will not survive our exceptional pest service. Our cockroach control exterminators in Fitzroy will eliminate these filthy creatures from your properties. With the use of environment-friendly and Australian-approved pest control solutions, we ensure to remove cockroaches from your living space safely. 

Moth Control in Fitzroy

Moths can build a huge nest in your property and stay there forever if not removed. They may begin to make holes in your plants and clothes. To prevent such damages, it is best to avail our moth control services Fitzroy. Thanks to our modern equipment and experienced staff, we can remove moths permanently from your Fitzroy property. 

Ant Extermination Fitzroy

You will see ants as a peaceful and harmless little creature. However, when they build colonies in your property, you will understand how annoying ants are. You will regret your decision to not call our pest services prior to the infestation. These ant colonies will eat up the plants in your garden and take your food away. Contact us for ant removal from your Fitzroy property completely. Our ant control experienced team will make use of modern extermination procedure to rid your property of ants. 

Spider Control Fitzroy

Spiders are common in Australia, and some of them are dangerous too. Hence, the decision of killing them on your own isn’t safe. We recommend availing of our spider control service in Fitzroy to remove them permanently from your property. We follow safe, standard procedures to eradicate spiders from your Fitzroy property and keep them away from coming back again. 

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