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Signs of Ant Infestations: You Need Affordable Ant Control Services Now

A recent study discovered that there are over 2.3 million ants for every human on the planet. In perspective, it adds up to having more than 20 quadrillion ants across the earth’s 510.1 million km² surface area. Naturally, such a populace of tiny ants is enough to warrant the need for regular ant pest control treatments.Still, a better reason to obtain ant pest control today, especially in the Australian region, is based on a claim by the Australian Museum. It states that over 1,275 ant species are found in Australia; unfortunately, most are omnivores.So whether you find carpenter ants or black garden ants near you, obtaining effective ant removal is for your ultimate safety.

Do You Really Need Ant Pest Control?

It can be easy to dismiss the statistical facts mentioned above because ants have hardly brought any harm except occasional bites, correct?Well, despite their seemingly harmless nature, some ants do more than bite humans or pets. Take, for instance, the carpenter ants that gorge on wooden objects. Such objects can be anything from stems and barks to house foundations, walls, and so on.Therefore, you must acquire ant control services at the earliest possible period to prevent property damage.

What Happens When You Skip Ant Removal Treatments?

Although neglecting the evidence of spotting ants around your property is often common, it can gradually become a serious problem. The following cases can occur in reality when you fail or overlook the need to obtain ant control on a timely basis.Pest Infestation – When you have an active ant colony on or near your property, it will inevitably attract other pests and insects. The attracted pests aren’t limited to mosquitoes either since the existence of an ant colony could also attract poisonous spiders!Soil Excavation – Ants are notorious for digging up the soil. So, giving them free rein will eventually lead to the destruction of your garden. Not only will they make the soil infertile in some cases, but they will also eat away at your plants.Property Damage – The carpenter ants are mistaken for termites, but they are infamous for infesting moist wooden items. We’re talking about damage to precious artefacts, furniture, electrical boards, and all other things that use wood.Hence, in every scenario, having ants on your property is bad news and a sign to obtain ant treatment immediately.

Five Signs You Need Reliable Ant Control Services Now

Dug Out Soil

The black garden ants are most likely responsible for excavating soil in your backyard or garden. Therefore, obtaining dust-based ant insecticide treatment should help curb their activities on your property.

Damage to Plants

Finding chewed leaves means you have bugs and spiders on your property. However, some species of ants are also known to chew on the leaves and fruits of plants. So, for adequate ant pest control, hiring an ant fumigation technician can provide immediate results.

Splintered Wood

Removing carpenter ants becomes your priority when you find loose wooden pieces on your property. The same is also true for when your wooden items appear saggy or have become weak. Hence, contact your nearest and most reliable ant control company to remove them today!

Dead Pests

Ants are known to gather around dead insects and organisms, be it in your garden or inside your home or in attics. In such conditions, obtaining ant fumigation services and disposing of the dead pest can help to prevent attracting more ants.

Burrowed Door Frames

Ants can bite away at your wooden window and door frames within a short time. They do so to build themselves a shelter at altitudes where the soil is hard to find. In such cases, obtaining ant baits and dust-based ant insecticides can help to remove them effectively.

Final Words

Irrespective of whether you have black garden ants or other species of ants, the professional ant pest control team will remove them all for you. Please note that results from a professional ant treatment will always exceed any home remedy you might otherwise use. So never delay an ant removal treatment, and contact Toms Pest Control Adelaide today!

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