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Foxes cause severe threat to native people, domesticated animals, livestock, and agricultural product of Australia. They pose a serious threat to economic damage to the agricultural industry and the loss of livestock by killing them.

Have you started feeling concerned about the safety of your livestock and pets? The increasing population of fox around your property may harm your assets. Contact Tom’s Pest Control today for comprehensive fox control services in Adelaide and nearby suburbs.

Our team of certified and skilled fox control specialist applies the latest techniques and modern tools to make your domestic and commercial property fox-free. Our services guarantee the safety of your agricultural land, pets,family, employees, and crops staffs from these animals.

Danger Of Fox Infestation

European red foxes are the commonly found fox species in Australia. They are comfortable with urban environments, inner-city, as well as deserts areas. They easily adapt to all types of surroundings and become active during the night.

European red foxes, if not removed timely from your locality, may create the following issues:

Signs Of Fox Infestation

Most of the fox species become active at night, and you can barely see them during the daytime. Hence, it becomesdifficult for you to ensure fox infestation around your property. You will have to observe closely and pay attention to the following signs that confirm infestation:

Our ongoing prevention tips will limit the invasion ofa fox in your area. We provide tried-and-true tips to your livestock and poultry from the fox attack.
The following simple and useful tips will remove the fox population onto your land:

Our Precise Fox Removal In Adelaide

We offer precise fox pest control service that provides long-term solutions regarding fox pest issues around your residential or commercial property.Our four-stage systematic process effectively addresses your current fox invasion issues and eliminates the risk of future infestation.


The moment you contact us for the professional service, our fox control specialists will drive to your property to conduct a thorough inspection. Ithelps in locating the habitats of the pest around your property, determining their population, the type of species,the level of damage, and other relevant details.

We also study the factors that attract foxes around your property and provide a solution to restrict their comeback. We will help you with the safety measures to protect your crops and animals from the attack of the aggressive red foxes.

Treatment Plan

Our fox trapping specialist will create a custom treatment plan to make your surroundings free from the risks of fox invasion.The treatment plan gives thedetail of the treatment procedure; the expected time required to complete the process, the outcome of the treatment, and more.

We will discuss all the steps involved in our treatment process before starting our service. You can ask a question. We will feel happy to solve all your queries.


We apply different methods to remove the fox population inhabiting your property. Our safe and effective treatment methods include trapping,poisoning,shooting, use of repellents and scare devices, and many more. We apply the mix of these tactics based on the infestation level and specific conditions. Our aim is to provide you with the best result possible in the industry.

If you concern about the life risk of your cattle and scared of taking them out for grazing, you can use guard animals like Maremma dogs to protect them from a fox attack.

Ongoing Prevention

Our ongoing prevention tips will limit the invasion ofa fox in your area. We provide tried-and-true tips to your livestock and poultry from the fox attack.

The following simple and useful tips will remove the fox population onto your land:

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

Tom’s Pest Control has a wealth of experience and expertise and possesses all credentials required for providing seamless fox removal services to all commercial and residential properties. Our knowledge helps us to understand what you expect from us, and we ensure to exceed your expectations by adhering to the following standards. 

Same-day or the next day service
TAFE and APCA-certified specialists
Safe and family-friendly treatment procedure
Local pest exterminator team
Upfront quotes, competitive prices
Custom treatment plan with an outstanding result
Friendly and transparent customer service
100 percent satisfaction guarantee
fox trapping

You can trust on our standard to discuss the pest invasion issues and get an upfront quote. We believe in giving a transparent service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although foxes aren’t dangerous, they can transmit diseases to pets and their families. In addition, foxes can be a problem for farmers, particularly poultry farms. Foxes can also cause injury or death to small and large animals and pets.

Let’s suppose that none of these options works. Then, professional fox control specialists may be needed in such cases.

Lethal baiting, trapping, wild fox trapping and shooting trapping are the most common methods of managing foxes. However, as we mentioned, these methods have not been thoroughly tested in Australia.

The Biosecurity and Agricultural Management Act 2007 Western Australia (the Act) defines foxes as a pest. Therefore, they must be controlled throughout the state to reduce their negative impacts.

Red foxes are common in Victoria. Red foxes are easily found in Victoria. It is best to have multiple control mechanisms. It is important to consider the whole community, not just specific properties.

Fox trapping companies offer many options to help you get rid of your dog. Fox trapping is something we specialize in. Respect for the animal must be guaranteed by state or territorial legislation.

To calculate their magnitude, it is necessary to prove that foxes were responsible for the loss. It is also forbidden to keep wild cats and feral dogs away.

You won’t be able to witness foxes killing as they hunt at night. Instead, it would be best to look for other signs of involvement. You could also check for paw prints, which might be an indication that the Fox is involved. It’s easy to tell the difference between the paw pads and those of other predators or dogs.

To determine the cause of death, it is important to examine the corpses.

Foxes can be caught in urban and semi-rural areas, where poison baiting might not be suitable. Trapping is a great way to manage obtrusive wildlife. However, it is not recommended to be used for the general management of foxes.

Cage traps work better in residential and urban areas than leg-hold traps. Non-target animals may be released with minimal injury. Foxes can be transferred to another area for extermination.

Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide provides fox control services for residential and commercial properties. This four-step process will decrease the chance of foxes invading your property.

Foxes are fond of yard waste, bird seeds and pet food. In addition, foxes love to build dens under decks, patios, or sheds.

Please avoid direct contact with foxes as they are very suspicious of humans. In addition, many parasites and germs can be transmitted to humans by foxes. Some of these can be passed on to pets, while others can be transmitted through excrement. Echinococcus multilocularis, for example, is a new disease that affects canid-tapping worms.

Fox removal experts will inspect your property and search for potential hiding spots. We’ll also investigate any potential prey foxes might be hunting in your neighbourhood.

Boil the garlic, chilli peppers, water, and salt. Spray the mixture all around. Foxes are not allowed in your garden. This natural repellent will get rid of foxes from your yard.

You can also equip an automatic water pistol. These tools can be used to keep foxes away from your yard. These systems require extremely high water pressure to connect to your hosepipe. A battery can power the motion sensor

Imagine that you have trouble managing dense fox populations. Our fox eradication efforts may help these cases.

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