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Comprehensive General Pest Control In Adelaide

Do you notice multiple pest issues at your residential property or commercial space and want comprehensive pest control? Do you want general pest control to improve the overall health of your property environment?

We have teams of local pest control technicians who are very much aware of the pest issues at your Adelaide suburbs and know-how to ensure the best protection for you with comprehensive pest management.

Tom’s Pest Control will treat the current pest issues at your property and address the factors that led to it for long-term pest control results.

Why General Pest Control ?

Many properties often struggle with a few pest groups or species – not just one. And this demands multiple pest treatments to remove all those pest groups. This happens mainly because some pest groups tend to attract other pests to the property, including their predators. Also, properties with compromised hygienic standards can quickly attract various pest groups.

Our general pest control services are designed to address all common pest issues at your property. This means that you can make your property pest-free with just a single treatment service. Without additional expenses, multiple pest treatment schedules, minimal inconvenience to your family, you will get comprehensive pest management by choosing our general pest control service.

The Pest Issues A General Pest Control Deals With

The service is designed to address the common pest issues found in a residential or commercial environment. With the general pest control, we address the following pest issues:

A Four-Stage Procedure

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a four-stage procedure to remove the current pest issues at your property and safeguard it from future infestation risks. No matter the size and type of the property, we have advanced tools and systems and use the latest pest control procedures to make your environment pest-free.

Pest Inspection

Our pest technicians will come to your property and complete a comprehensive pest inspection. Our technicians will identify the pest groups and species at your property, the extent of the infestation, the damage due to the infestation, and the factors that invited the pest groups to your property.

We will document the inspection with photographs, details of pest inspection, the extent of damage, the factors led to infestation, and the treatment recommendations. We will also give you a copy of the inspection report.

Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection findings and our observation, we will create a tailored pest treatment plan for your property. The plan will have all the details about the treatment, including treatment types, the outcome of the treatment, the duration of the procedure, and any specific instructions to the inhabitants of the property.

Sometimes, we may want to do a second round of treatment a few days after the initial pest treatment based on the extent of the pest issues at your property. We will also include the details of the follow-up procedure in the treatment plan if we identify the need of one.

The Extermination

We will complete the pest extermination at your property as per the pest treatment plan. Since your property has multiple pest issues, we may use a mix of various treatment procedures to get the best results.

Tom’s Pest Control is very much concerned about the health and environment of our customers. Therefore, we use only safe, family-friendly, and approved products per Australian standards for pest treatments. 

After the extermination, we will complete a comprehensive cleaning and sanitation to give you a complete service experience.

Ongoing Control

The treatment alone may not safeguard your property from future pest infestation risks if there are no ongoing control procedures in place.

Tom’s Pest Control will complete specific ongoing control procedures based on our inspection finding and advise you specific tips.

The general cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance at the property can minimise most risks of future pest infestation. You can ensure better protection for your property against various pest issues with the following tips:

  • Keep your property as well as the surroundings clean and well maintained, always.
  •  Remove any type of clutter and debris from the property. Many pest groups find clutter and debris as safe places to hide from human sight and quickly multiply.
  •  Always store food and pet food in tight containers or secure them properly after use. Sweep and mop floors and remove any food spills at frequent intervals.
  •  Dump the food residue in garbage containers with lids and clear the containers at regular intervals.
  •  Regularly inspect your property to identify any infestation signs to seek professional service before the pest issue becomes complex.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

You will find the services of Tom’s Pest Control comprehensive, professional, advanced, and the most-convenient choice based on your expectations. The highlights of our services are the following:

Same/next day pest control service
TAFE- and APCA-certified pest technicians
Tailored pest control plans with upfront quotes
Advanced pest control procedures and modern tools
Safe, family-friendly treatment experience
Total satisfaction guaranteed
If you notice that the pest issues at your property are not subsided after our treatment, you can contact us within two weeks of the treatment. Our pest technicians will return to your property, complete the pest treatment again for FREE, and ensure that your property is pest-free based on your expectations.We want the complete satisfaction of our customers over our services.

Make Your Property Pest-Free Today

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