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Enhance Life Expectancy with Effective German Cockroach Pest Control

The mortality rate continues to slump in the post-pandemic world as life expectancy continues trickling below the age of 73. Although it’s only a global average, it cannot vary much despite your region of residence because of german cockroaches. These seemingly indestructible organisms carry severe health risks, so let’s learn how you can protect yourself. Could the german cockroach pest control solutions indeed help?

Are German Cockroaches Different?

German cockroaches aren’t immigrants in the world of pests but are a distinct species more dangerous than regular cockroaches. While they are commonly found in some European countries and Canada, various regions of Australia regularly register their intrusions. So, it is not unusual for them to be attracted to residential and commercial premises, especially since their Sydney outbreak.

German Cockroach Characteristics

The exoskeleton of a german cockroach resembles golden dust while having a flattened oval shape and slimy legs. Such cockroaches can also be identified by their two dark brown stripes over their head while they measure 12-16 mm in length.

Mostly feasting on eggs, vegetables and soft drink cartons, german cockroaches are also known to bite humans in their sleep. Parallelly, their presence can also ooze an awful odour that can mix in your surroundings, causing nausea and vomiting.

So what are the alleged lethal causes that decrease someone’s lifespan when they have a cockroach infestation?

Health Risks of Delaying German Cockroach Treatment

The usual spots where german cockroaches take shelter include anywhere that is dark with some warmth, moisture and accessibility to food. So, cupboards, kitchen sinks, drawers, and closets are the prime locations that they infest, where they can lay hundreds of eggs within a week.

Since typical cockroaches are notorious for crawling dirty surfaces, german cockroaches are no different. The infamously dubbed ‘golden cockroaches’ carry pathogens in their wake that could cause typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, E Coli, etc. Moreover, when they aren’t infecting utensils and fabrics, they can hide in deeper areas of your property during the winter.

How Does German Cockroach Pest Control Work?

Now that you’re familiar with the dangers they pose, which can affect everyone, from children to adults to pets, let’s talk about extermination.

Treatment Preparations

For proper extermination of german cockroaches, it’s recommended that one must perform the following cockroach control steps:

  • Clean and dust the kitchen area, attics and closets.
  • Remove any plastics and boxes where cockroaches can take shelter.
  • Regularly clean your countertops, microwave, and food storage area.
  • Dispose of leaky or stale food items.
  • Eliminate unwanted clutter from your premises.

German Cockroach Extermination Procedure

Obtaining reliable results from a german cockroach treatment emphasises only hiring professional exterminators. The procedure will begin with a thorough site inspection followed by sealing their exit and entry points.

After obtaining your approval on the best method to remove german cockroaches, the technicians will perform the extermination services.

Our technicians will use reliable solutions like cockroach gel baits and fumigation techniques during the procedure. Using these two methods has shown high promise in driving away german cockroaches, whose results are more apparent by the fourth or sixth week. So, complete extermination within a little over a month can protect you against life-threatening diseases.

Final Words

Obtaining german cockroach pest control near you is easy when you reach out to Tom’s Pest Control. Our technicians can provide emergency pest control solutions to remove other pests, rodents, birds, etc.

Just remember one thing, a minor pest problem today can become a disaster tomorrow. Never let cockroaches drive you into a corner when you can drive them away with Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide!

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