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Eliminate Mice and Rats with Professional Rodent Pest Control Services

While rodents are generally considered innocent of causing the black death, neglecting their presence can still cause problems. The most difficult pests to eliminate are mice and rats. If it’s been a few days since they were last seen on your property, it’s time to call in professional rodent control technicians.

It is important to realise that putting off obtaining a removal treatment for mouse or rat infestation could expose your home to more dangers.

Why is Rodent Pest Control Important?

When a rodent is searching for shelter, food, water, or any of the three, it may find its way to your property. After arriving on your property (home or office) when it has met its needs, it will swiftly increase its population. See, rats never hibernate as they remain active throughout all the seasons all around the year.

So, keeping their population unchecked boils down to your home becoming their breeding ground for rodent infestations. Such conditions could also draw other pests, who can together cause serious illnesses. Hence, it is recommended to employ the help of professional pest control technicians for their immediate removal.

Top Signs You Should Hire Rat Control Team Now

Even if you work full-time, detecting a rodent problem on your premises is still possible. Typically, hiring pest inspection experts in regularity is an excellent option to confirm the absence or presence of rodents. Still, you can use these indicators as signs that you’ll require mice or rat removal services earlier and possibly immediately.

  • Rodent Faeces

It is easy to confirm that mice and rats live on your property by discovering their urine or faecal matter. The technicians who provide professional mouse removal services should help you dispose of such waste after their treatments. But, it’s all-time essential to stay clear of coming into contact with the faeces. Otherwise, the unsanitary conditions could cause severe illnesses or even death.

  • Property Damage

The first sign that you require mouse control immediately is when you notice chewed objects around your office or home. Rodents are known to chew on fabrics, paper, and electrical wires. Overlooking such discoveries could later cause property damage or blazing house fires.

  • Rodent Nests

When rodents might infest your home in smaller numbers, they can still draw other rodents. Two mature rodents are capable of producing more than 10,000+ offspring in one year. So forget the math because the presence of a single rodent is enough to make it imperative to hire rodent removal services on priority.

Easily Distinguish Rats Apart From Mice

While you may not be as adept at detecting rodent species accurately, professional rodent removal technicians could. They can identify hundreds of species of rodents, which is extremely beneficial to learn yourself, at least between mice and rats. Here’s how you can tell them apart, which might help you take preventive measures as needed.


  • Usually, 9-11 inches long with an average tail size of 7-9 inches.
  • Typically, rats are brown or black in colour.
  • Capable of excreting approximately 50 droppings per day.
  • Powerful teeth with the ability to climb up on slopes.


  • Usually, 4-6 inches long, with a tail that is 2 to 4 inches.
  • Mice typically are grey, white or red.
  • Capable of excreting approximately 100 drops per day.
  • Smaller teeth but capable of climbing higher elevations.

Easy Tips For Ensuring Rodent Pest Control & Prevention

Here’s how you can avoid rodents from infesting your home, especially when you haven’t booked mice extermination services recently.

  • Every day, empty your trash cans and cover them properly.
  • Remove old food items and ensure your premises are kept tidy.
  • Having a good ventilation system allows your space to have less humidity.
  • Make sure any smaller entry points throughout the property are sealed.
  • Perform urgent plumbing and infrastructure repairs.
  • Fill any burrows and tend your garden daily.
  • Get professional rat prevention services regularly.

The Most Effective Rodent Treatments Near You

When worries regarding rats or mice living within your house or office cause you anxiety, it’s recommended that you seek rodent pest inspection services. Suppose they confirm the presence of rats near you, then the following rats and mice elimination treatments can get rid of them.

Professional Rodent Pest Extermination

Professional rodent extermination specialists can employ various treatments based on the infestation’s extent while guaranteeing your safety. To remove them and prevent their re-entry, the technicians may install rodent trapping equipment or bait stations.

Winter Rodent Prevention Treatments

The winter months aren’t safe from unwanted intrusions because rodents remain active around the year, unlike pests. Hence, the trained and licensed rodent removal service technicians will use rodent-proofing measures and substances to prevent intrusions. These services will use eco-friendly items, so eradicating rodent issues won’t cause you any trouble.

Final Words

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