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Does your property reek with bad odour but you can’t seem to detect its cause? Have you noticed multiple types of organisms visiting your premises repeatedly in a short time? If either of these two conditions is true for you, then you must immediately get Tom’s Pest Control services in Hallett Cove.

We strive to make your environment free from bugs, insects, and the likes. We will effectively remove all the pests from your property by using our non-toxic solutions. Our aftercare services can further ascertain that your property remains safe for your own uses.

You can book today to get a detailed pest inspection of your property. Our skilled technicians will then provide you with tailored treatment plans that suit your needs at affordable prices.

Affordable Pest Control Services at Tom's Pest Control Adelaide

Our pest control materials are largely not toxic because we value your well-being and our environment. You can free your property against all forms of pest infections with the help of our skilled technicians. They are capable of delivering you effective results with a hassle-free experience.

You can hire our individualised services at any time to remove any one specific type of pest infestation from your private and commercial properties. Such a service will naturally follow our industry-standard procedures of treatment while still being available at affordable rates. 

The following are among the most demanded services that we offer to the resident of Hallett Cove. 

Ant Removal & Control

Merely filling up the anthills on your property won’t prevent the marching ants from frequenting your premises. To get rid of them, you need definitive solutions that can drive them away for good. Lucky for you, we provide the solutions that can help you in such times of need. Our ant control technicians will erase their pheromones trails and other marks of their existence from your real estate to disinfect your property.

Cockroach Control Service

It is common to be repelled by seeing filthy cockroaches roaming on various surfaces. They often carry various infections with them wherever they go. However, they aren’t indestructible. Our cockroach control services will exterminate their traces from your property without causing a ruckus. You can also trust us to install preventive measures that will keep the cockroaches away for a long long time.

Rat Removal Treatment

Typical rodenticides can kill rats but they do not keep them away for long. To protect your house against rats, we can offer you specialised rat extermination treatments. These will be tailormade to suit your requirements and to fulfil their primary purpose. Beyond this, we can also install advanced equipment on your property to catch them on each of their intrusions.

Termite Pest Control in Hallett Cove

A safe environment is impossible when your property is infested with termites. It can weaken the structural strength of your property and even cause it to crumble like a house of cards. But, you can avoid this by hiring our services.

Our expert professionals will easily remove their existence from your real estate by applying necessary protective solutions. Our after care services will further prevent them from infesting your property again. 

Spider Pest Control

Get rid of the multiple legged web weaving spiders from your property by hiring our spider control services. We will inspect your property to offer you our custom treatment plans that will drive them away for good.

Our spider control treatments won’t involve fumigation and other means if you are allergic to them or any other forms of treatments. Our varied services are available at affordable rates to prevent all species of spiders from visiting your living space. 

Bird Prevention & Protection

Let not the dropping of a bird ruin your day when you can hire our services to keep them away. You heard it, we can provide you with specialised bird control solutions that will keep them from creating nests on your property.

We can also offer you specific services that prevent them from frequenting your premises to ultimately save your property from bird faeces. You can rely on us to cease their nuisance too by using our installed equipment. 

Moth Control Treatment

If you have noticed your fabrics becoming damaged, then you should immediately hire our moth control technicians. It is important to prevent the moths from living on your premises because they can cause you numerous harmful diseases. Their presence can also incite other pests to visit your property in search of food or a game. Thus, remove them and keep them at bay with our moth control solutions. 

Our Commercial Pest Control Services in Hallett Cove

We also provide our commercial pest control services for properties in Hallett Cove. Our numerous professional services can effectively safeguard your commercial spaces against all types of pest infestations. By further providing reliable aftercare services and scheduled inspection visits, we can offer you the best pest control services in Adelaide.

Not only do we offer primary pest control services but we are also adept at offering complete pest control solutions. You can hire us to obtain the following types of services for your commercial spaces:

  • Mosquito control
  • Fly control
  • Border control
  • Wasp removal
  • And many more…

You can rely on our promise of delivering quality pest control services for the following reasons: 

Long-term Solutions

Our services will not leave you adrift once we complete them. Our technicians are responsibly professional in offering cheap pest control treatments in Haller Cove . They will administer durable solutions that can protect your property for the longest possible time. 

Comprehensive Pest Control

You can approach us to eliminate all forms of pests and other organisms such as foxes, possum, etc. Each of these services will be custom made to offer you the best solutions by utilising the various resources at our disposal. These treatments are also available with us in flexible packages and with multiple payment methods for your convenience. 

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Call us today at (08) 8876 5311to book our cheap pest control services at affordable rates. To get a free quote, you can email us at office@tomspestcontroladelaide.com.au. We are also accepting queries and bookings from Hallett Cove.

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