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The Protective Role of Termite Pest Control Barrier for New Homes

As a new or prospective homeowner, understanding its termite risk management measures can save you thousands of dollars. These systems help to prevent termite intrusions and infestations. So, when your construction company hasn’t installed them nor installed any termite barriers, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself.

The necessity of chemical termite barriers cannot be overstated because the purpose of installing them trumps the cost of it. These barriers prevent termite entry into your premises from underground and through the soil adjacent to your walls. Hence it’s important that you get the installation of termite barriers only from professionals and never from someone untrained. Otherwise, you may need to make enormous property repairs while possibly suffering from terminal health conditions.

Is Termite Control A Legal Obligation?

Yes, the National Construction Code indeed has specific termite risk management guidelines that must be followed. These guidelines demand that homes be constructed using termite-resistant material or have a risk management plan. Furthermore, adhering to requirements like obtaining regular inspections, termite removal as needed, and maintaining termite management systems is also mandatory.

Risks Of Leaving Out Termite Control Barriers

In the condition where you’ve not installed termite barriers nor do you have a termite risk management system on your property, the following risks will become relevant:

  • Damage to Ceilings and Walls
  • Damage to Core Stability Structure
  • Damage to Flooring and Foundation Elements
  • Faulty Electrical Circuits
  • And much more

Preventing these risks should be one of your priorities to protect your home, even after its successful construction. So, for newer homes, you can ask the builder to get you its termite report, or you can book a termite inspection yourself! Before moving into any home, learning about its condition or the existence of termite barriers is always a wise choice.

You could expect the report to present NIL termite activity when it is protected by a termite risk management system or termite barriers. But, in the absence of those protection measures, employing a certified termite barrier installation team is recommended.

Quality Termite Barriers Recommended for New Homes in Australia

Unlike the obvious meaning of the term barrier, the systems that prevent termite intrusions may also include termite baits and protective sheets. They’re addressed as barriers because they ultimately safeguard your premises against termite entry and infestations. Luckily, most new constructions in Australia now already have such termite pest control barriers installed in place.

Following are the two widely used and highly dependable termite baits or barriers used in modern constructions.

  • Sentricon Termite Barriers

Sentricon Always Active Termite Barriers or Barricades, in practicality, are termite bait systems. Besides serving to monitor termite activity, they also trap and exterminate the termites. You could have them installed at your property after a mandatory termite inspection procedure whose reports show zero termite activity.

The Sentricon Termite stations are placed firmly into the ground inside a 90mm hole, with each unit set three metres apart. For most properties, it takes only 55 linear metres of Sentricon stations to ensure the security of your property.

The lifespan of stations is up to five years from their installation date, but replacing them by their half-life is recommended for your best protection.

  • Kordon Termite Protection Barriers

The Kordon sheets have earned a stellar name in the industry for benefitting homeowners by keeping the termites out. But, one must know that it may be challenging for untrained agencies to install Kordon Sheets. However, you can always trust the certified Kordon Sheet installers at Tom’s Pest Control to do the job right.

During the building stage of construction, certified technicians will responsibly sandwich the Kordon sheets between the steel-reinforced mesh and bedding layers of sand. The whole of it will then be concealed with concrete to seal it for protection.

After it all, your property will receive a Kordon Termite Treatment Certification, guaranteeing termite infestation protection for up to six years.

Hurry & Get A Termite Control Barrier Today

If you’re still on the ledge about hiring termite pest control treatments, please reconsider that termites can easily invade homes with unsealed concrete foundations or sloppy slabs. Since both conditions can hurt your home’s safety, getting professional help is vital.

The following are some signs among the many, per Tom’s Pest Control technicians, that indicate the presence of termite activity near you.

  • Floorboards that have carved lines or caved-in decayed appearance.
  • Hollow-sounding section(s) inside doors, windows, and furniture.
  • Coming across wooden items becoming warped due to moisture and termites.
  • Walls presenting signs of water damage like peeling or blistering of paint.
  • Hearing a clicking noise emerging from inside the walls.
  • Finding pipe-like mud tubes in the room corners or near wooden furniture.
  • Sighting splinters of broken wood pieces in your home or in your garden.

Your termite prevention system may have lapsed when you confirm the above signs on your property. Here, your only solution is to obtain professional termite pest control treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, costly repairs due to termite infestations will be the least of your worries.

Other Suitable Termite Control Solutions

You may also pick the following solutions for termite control apart from or in addition to using Barriers and Baits:

  • Chemical Reticulation Systems

Termite Reticulation systems are connected pipes running under important regions of your property. These pipes in the soil carry termiticides flown through the network to prevent termite entry. The commonly used yet dependable Termidor termiticide must be refilled into the pipes every 3 to 5 years.

  • Soil Treatments

Another sure solution to double the protection is ensuring the security of your home’s concrete slabs. Applying materials like Rendacure on them could prevent both termite intrusions and support the concrete against developing cracks, especially for those adjacent to the soil.

  • Applying Waterproofing Compounds

Leaky ceilings, floors and moist wood have long attracted termites, and they will. So, applying waterproofing compounds on walls and ceilings is a no-brainer but also healthy for your house construction. Top choices of such compounds include Xypex Concentrate, Ardex WPM 300, Homeguard Portectacote, etc.

Final Words

Termite pest control can be managed in many ways, but barriers and baits are among the best options. Contact Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide to book inspections and exterminations, termite risk management systems, and get relief for a lifetime.

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