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Pest Control Cost Adelaide

Nobody likes dealing with pests. They’re dirty and can make your family sick. It’s even worse when they invade your business; they can push customers away and harm your reputation. 

Adelaide’s moderate climate and urban environment provide favourable conditions for various pests to thrive. Let’s explore some common pests that can invade properties in Adelaide and the average cost of hiring a professional company to remove these pests.  

Summary Of Pest Control Treatment Cost 

Below are the costs of pest control services in Adelaide for the most common pests and more: 

Pest Control Services Cost 
Termite Inspection Starting from $249 (lowest price) 
Residential Rodent Treatment Starting from $199 (Quick Response Time) 
Wasps Removal Starting from $169 
Mosquito Control Starting from $199 
Bird control & Solar Panel Bird ProofingStarting from $350 
Ant Treatments Price start from $139.00 (Full Internal & External Ant Treatment) 
Cockroach Treatment Starting from $169 
Spider Control Starting from $169 
Bed Bugs Control Starting from $299 
Same Day Pest Control Great Price $119 (The Most Affordable Pest Control Service) 

Termites Inspection & Treatment Cost

Termites, also known as “wood ants” or “white ants,” are quiet troublemakers. They can quickly destroy wood, floors, and wallpapers in your home or business. This can lead to significant damage. 

Many termite species attack homes and commercial spaces in South Australia. However, the most common specie found in Adelaide is Coptotermes frenchi. Apart from this species, South Australian properties also experience invasion from Coptotermes acinaciformis, Nasutitermes exitiosus, and Heterotermes ferox.  

Home insurance policies in Australia do not protect against termite damage since termites are classified as insects. Insurers consider insect-related damages preventable, so they do not cover them. As a result, homeowners bear the responsibility for any damages caused by termites. 

Making sure termites don’t invade your property is important, so it’s essential to have regular termite inspections. Our termite control and inspection cost starts from just $249. The cost can vary based on how big your property is, where it’s located, how bad the termite infestation is, and what type of inspection is necessary. 

Tom’s Pest Control also offers soil treatment and baiting system solutions. These solutions provide a longer-lasting remedy for termite control by effectively preventing future infestations and minimising the need for yearly termite eradication. If you want detailed information about termite control and treatment cost, please call us at (08) 8876 5311. 

Bed Bugs Control Cost

Dealing with bed bugs can be incredibly frustrating. These pests survive by feeding on your blood; their bites can cause pain, itching, and discomfort. The anticoagulant they inject while biting can lead to allergic reactions and other complications for some individuals. 

Bed bugs can be found in various places, including mattresses, pillows, bedding, and couches. They are small and reproduce rapidly, making it challenging to eradicate them without professional assistance. If you’re seeking effective bed bug treatment, it’s best to contact the experienced experts at Tom’s Pest Control.

Ant Control Cost  

Regarding ant control treatment , Tom’s Pest Control offers comprehensive solutions at an affordable starting cost of $139. Our professional team is experienced in dealing with ant infestations and employs effective methods to eliminate ants from your property. 

At Tom’s Pest Control, we understand that each ant infestation is unique, requiring tailored solutions. Our experts will thoroughly inspect the type of ants and the extent of the infestation. Based on the assessment, we will develop a targeted treatment plan to eradicate the ants effectively. 

Our ant control treatment targets the entire ant colony, including the queen, ensuring long-term elimination. In addition to ant extermination, our services may include addressing the underlying causes of the infestation. This can involve sealing entry points, eliminating food sources, and recommending long-term prevention. However, it is essential to know that any additional service to treat the underlying cause of the pest infestation may add to the expense of the pest treatment.  

Cockroach Prevention and Control Cost 

The most commonly found cockroach species in Adelaide are the German, Oriental, and American cockroaches. These pests can contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria, leading to illnesses like salmonella and gastroenteritis. Moreover, cockroach allergens can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions, particularly in more sensitive individuals.  

Try using traps and bottled pesticides as home remedies for minor infestations. However, it is essential to book Tom’s pest control services for larger infestations. Our cockroach control cost is designed to be affordable, starting from $169. So, no matter how large the cockroach infestation at your property is, we can eradicate it at a cost that suits your budget. 

Rodent Removal Cost 

Rodents can spread diseases, damage properties, and create an unfavourable environment for you to live in. This makes it important to address rodent infestations promptly to avoid inconvenience. DIY methods like sealing entry points, setting snap traps, or eliminating food sources can work well for controlling minor mice infestation. However, if the infestation level is high, you will likely notice signs like strange smells, scratching noises, and droppings all over your home.  

In Adelaide, our residential rodent control cost starts from just $199. So, you can avail of our Tom’s pest control services at reasonable prices. Call us at (08) 8876 5311 and let our specialists inspect your home before the mouse infestation spreads. 

Spider Control and Treatment Cost 

Although most spiders are harmless and beneficial due to their role in preying on other pests, certain species can possess venom and risk human health. Identifying the common spider types found in Adelaide is essential for evaluating the associated level of risk and determining the most suitable approach for effective control measures. 

General pest sprays can effectively eradicate spiders, cockroaches, and up to 10 other pests. However, when dealing with venomous spider species, it is strongly advised to seek immediate professional assistance. Our team employs targeted treatments at Tom’s Pest Control to ensure optimal efficacy in managing spider populations. 

Furthermore, we prioritise removing spider webs and thoroughly cleaning affected areas to eliminate any eggs or hidden spiders. This step plays a critical role in preventing future infestations. You can benefit from quality spider control services that are available from $169.  

Bird Control and Solar Panel Bird Proofing Cost 

Certain bird species like pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and Mynas can become a nuisance when they nest in undesirable locations such as roofs and gutters. Not only can their presence cause property damage, but their droppings also create unsightly messes and potential health hazards. 

To address these issues, bird control treatments are necessary. Professional assistance can effectively manage bird populations and prevent further damage by installing deterrents, creating exclusion systems, or using other bird control methods. The cost of our bird control services in Adelaide can vary depending on factors such as the size of the property, the extent of the bird infestation, the types of birds involved, and the specific solutions required. However, rest assured our prices are reasonable and start just at $350.  

Mosquito Pest Control Cost  

Maintaining effective mosquito control requires consistent and dedicated effort. Long-term results are best achieved through regular treatments and ongoing maintenance. Tom’s pest control expert employs highly efficient strategies to eliminate or minimise mosquito breeding sites. 

To safeguard against future infestations, it is essential to ensure proper drainage, effectively preventing the accumulation of stagnant water around your property, an alluring breeding ground for mosquitoes. An additional preventive measure involves the installation of window and door screens, effectively blocking mosquitoes from entering your living spaces. 

Our competitive pricing for pest services starts at $199. The overall cost of mosquito control can vary depending on the frequency and duration of treatments required. Additionally, the size and complexity of your property’s layout play a crucial role in determining the expenses associated with mosquito treatment.

Wasp Control and Treatment Cost 

If you come across a wasp hive on your property, it’s essential to seek the assistance of a pest control service immediately. Attempting to remove these dangerous creatures alone is not recommended, as wasp stings can pose a significant risk. In Adelaide, our skilled exterminators are well-equipped to eliminate these pests and provide effective strategies for preventing future infestations. 

Our pest control team provides affordable wasp removal services with prices starting at $169. The cost of wasp pest control varies depending on the specie and the severity of the infestation. When you choose our professional and budget-friendly services in Adelaide, you can expect quality services that will get you satisfactory results. 

How Is the Cost of Commercial Pest Control Determined? 

The cost of commercial pest control solutions is flexible and can vary depending on several key factors. Understanding these elements is crucial for businesses seeking pest control services. 

Commercial pest control costs are determined based on the following factors: 

  • Size of the Premises: Commercial spaces come in different sizes, ranging from small offices to large warehouses. The size of the area to be treated directly affects the required resources and time for effective pest eradication. Our experienced pest control team assess the square footage and layout of the premises to estimate the scope of the job accurately. We provide customised quotes based on the specific needs of each business. 
  • Level of Pest Infestation: The severity of the pest infestation significantly influences the cost of commercial pest control. Our professional exterminators evaluate the extent of the infestation to determine the necessary resources, equipment, and treatments for effective pest eradication. By assessing the level of pest activity, we develop targeted strategies and provide accurate cost estimates. 
  • Frequency of Service: Businesses have different preferences regarding pest services, ranging from one-time treatments for existing infestations to scheduled visits for preventive measures. Routine inspections and proactive pest management programs are essential for long-term protection against pests. Frequent visits may incur additional costs but ensure comprehensive and continuous pest control. 

Who Bears the Cost of Pest Control in Apartments, Tenants, Or Landlords? 

Determining who pays the pest control cost in apartments can lead to confusion and disagreements. Whether it’s the tenants or the landlords who cover the expenses depends on different factors. Here are some essential factors to consider: 

  • Tenancy Agreements and Lease Contracts

The responsibility for pest control costs is often outlined in tenancy agreements or lease contracts. These legal documents specify tenants’ and landlords’ rights and obligations, including who should handle pest control expenses. 

  • Pre-Existing Infestations

The landlord’s responsible for taking care of any pest issues before tenants move into the apartment. Landlords are expected to maintain the property and ensure it is free from pests by arranging pest control measures, if necessary. 

What Advantages Does an In-Wall Pest Control System Offer? 

Unlike traditional pest control methods that only address surface-level treatments, an in-wall pest control system takes a proactive approach. By strategically placing pest control measures within the walls, this system provides several benefits: 

  • Targeted Protection: With an in-wall pest control system, you can specifically target problem areas and high-risk zones. Focusing on vulnerable entry points like doors, windows, and utility openings effectively prevents pests from entering your home.
  • Ongoing Pest Deterrence: Once installed, the in-wall pest control system remains active, providing continuous protection against pests. This eliminates the need for frequent pest control visits, saving you time and money in the long term. 

If you’d like more information about the benefits and installation of in-wall pest control systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (08) 8876 5311 

Do Restaurants in Adelaide Need to Invest in Our Pest Control Services? 

Pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants, and flies can pose significant health risks in restaurants. They have the potential to contaminate food, surfaces, and utensils with harmful pathogens, leading to foodborne illnesses. The consequences of contamination can be severe, including negative reviews, loss of customers, and potential legal consequences. 

In Adelaide, food companies must comply with the Food Standards Code, which sets strict standards for the manufacturing, preparation, handling, storage, and service of food and beverages. These health and safety regulations emphasise cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, restaurants must invest in pest control services to prevent health and safety hazards. 

By investing in pest services, restaurants in Adelaide can effectively manage and eliminate pests, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for their customers. Protecting the restaurant’s reputation, ensuring compliance with regulations, and safeguarding customers’ health are all compelling reasons to prioritise pest control services. 

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