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Tom’s Pest Control in Adelaide is your one-point destination for precise pest control in Lockleys and other Adelaide suburbs. Pest issues in any environment can make people feel insecure and unhealthy. And they try to stay away from such environments.

We are the renowned innovators of Australia’s pest extermination industry with state-of-the-art procedures that give the highest quality service experience. No matter your property type, the pest species, and the infestation complexity, we can make your space pest-free with tailored solutions.

Being a local expert of Lockleys, we can visit you and restore your property’s health condition on unexpectedly short notice. Make your environment pest-free and get a free quote without any attached strings. 

Broadest Range Of Pest Control Services in Lockleys

We pride our decades of service that has helped numerous homeowners and businesses eliminate the “unwanted guests” and restore their healthy environment. We research and stay updated to provide you with seamless, highest quality pest solutions. It guarantees you that our services do not harm your environment.

We are equipped enough to design solutions for different pest issues reported in Australian properties over the years. We have expertise in: 

You can have a detailed understanding of our services by visiting our service pages. You will get the right information to stay ahead in your pest battle with the signs of pest infestation, pest extermination methods, and ongoing preventive techniques. If you want some specific information on a different pest problem, you can contact us today. We will guide you and help you create a pest-free environment at your Lockleys property.

Some complicated issues that can take a toll on your environment’s aspects are:

Ant Extermination And Control

Lockleys properties report both venomous and non-venomous species of ants. But you may find it hard to confirm their species. Regardless of the species, ant infestation demands more frequent property maintenance, localised pain due to bites, contamination of food, and more. Also, people do not feel welcomed in ant-infested environments.

Our ant pest control technicians will examine every inch of your Lockleys property, identify all ant nests or colonies and the infestation extent. We will also find out the factors

We will make your property pest-free through safe, tailored ant extermination and guide you with some time-proven preventive tips for the permanent solution. 

Moth Treatment And Control

Do you have some expensive woollen clothes or upholstery and see irregular holes on them? It could be a sign of cloth-eating moths in your environment. There are various moth species that damage carpets, wallpapers, documents, papers, and more.

With the use of advanced moth inspection tools, our moth pest technicians will identify all the hideouts of the pest at your property and confirm the extent of the infestation. With the help of our customised moth control treatment plan, we will complete both the extermination and ongoing moth control treatments in Lockleys. We will also advise you on specific property sanitation and maintenance tips. 

Spider Pest Control

These eight-legged arthropods are one of the most diverse species. Your property may get infested by venomous or non-venomous spiders, or sometimes both. Many spider species are provocative and may inject venom if you go around them. In addition to health issues, spider infestation and webs can make your Lockleys property look unmaintained and unwelcoming.

Our spider pest technicians in Lockleys will complete an inspection and locate all sites of spider infestation. Using advanced extermination techniques and modern tools, we will complete the extermination process. We will recommend you follow some ongoing preventive tips to stop a future invasion of pest. 

Rodent Extermination And Control

Rodents are a clear sign of an environment with compromised health. Studies confirm that rats and mice carry pathogens and spread illnesses – mostly by contaminating food and water. Additionally, these pests chew the insulation at properties, leave scratch marks on floors and walls, mess up property hygiene, and consume raw and cooked food.

We will identify the extent of rodent infestation and the pest invasion reasons through a pest inspection. We will give you various rodent control treatment options in Lockleys and apply the most appropriate one. Finally, we will also secure various openings at your place and advise specific yard and property maintenance tips. 

Commercial Pest Management in Lockleys

Pest infestation is a painful reality for many businesses. The “unwanted guests” can make your customers turn away from you. It damages your reputation leading to financial loss. Some visuals may stay in customers’ minds forever, and pests in commercial spaces are one of them.

We know the necessity of your environment’s health and provide a prioritised service to restore it. Our Lockleys commercial pest expert team is dedicated to understanding pest traits and habits to investigate new techniques that prevent pest infestation efficiently. We are renowned for leading the pest industry in quality and innovation.

Give a visit to our commercial pest control page to have a complete knowledge and understanding. 

Pest control near me: local expertise is just a phone call away!

We became the trusted choice of Australia’s businesses and homes with a few decades of superior quality pest management solutions. We help our customers address the underlying issues that led to the infestation. We create a healthy environment at our customers’ properties through our treatment procedures.

Our best use of technology and expertise enable us to give targeted pest management solutions. Some of the notable trends of our service are:

  • The local team providing same/next day service
  • TAFE and APCA-certified technicians
  • Advanced pest management solutions
  • Highly affordable rates, upfront quotes
  • Family-friendly, safe pest management
  • Customer-centric, professional approach
  • Focussed service with the desired outcome.

Though rare, still, if you are not satisfied with our pest extermination service completely, contact us within two weeks of the extermination for a free inspection, remedial treatment plan, prevention and protection. 

Considering Pest Treatment in Lockleys?

As your leading pest control expert in Lockleys, we have set an exceptional standard above the industry standard. Our service quality and innovative techniques help us to meet the demands of the ever-challenging market. We participate in new industry developments to assist you in achieving the best result at a minimum price. 

For more information, get in touch with us on (08) 8876 5311 or use our contact form to discuss and get an obligation-free quote for the best service in the industry.

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