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Mite Control Adelaide

Mite Control Services In Adelaide

Mites pose a threat to your health and cause agricultural damages.Dust mites trigger the allergy and cause asthma. Alternatively, bird mites or black mites increase irritation and frustration through their bites.

Are you suffering from mite infestation issue and looking for professional aid for mite bites treatment? Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control for one-stop mite control in Adelaide and the nearby suburbs. We offer custom mite control services based on the level of infestation and the type of mite species causing you trouble.  

Our licensed technicians have years of experience and knowledge to understand your issues and expectations. We are expert in giving the exact solution that exceeds your expectations. Our precise mite removal treatment lasts for years and guarantees no chance for relapse.

Common Mite Species Found In Australia

There are several species of mite found in Australia. Each of these species has distinct characteristic, habits,and they impact your health and property in a different way.Some of the mite species are:

Before calling us for professional mite treatment, you why on-time mite bites treatment is necessary.

Why Do You Need Mite Control?

It’s better to apply an anti-itching cream to alleviate minor skin allergies but in case of a serious allergic reaction, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Our dust mite and black mite removal services are so effective that they naturally eliminate other mite species from your surroundings.

Need For Mite Control

Minor skin allergies caused due to mites can be treated with an anti-itching cream. However, if the allergic reaction is severe, it is recommended to visit the doctor.

Avail of our mite removal services to effectively remove different species of mites from your surroundings.

Our Systematic Approach To Mite Treatment

Tom’s Pest Control follows tried and tested radical four-stage process to exterminate all types of mite species with almost no chance of relapse.


Inspection of the infested site is a vital step to our pest treatment procedure. Our licensed mite pest control specialists will visit your site to inspect and prepare a survey report on findings. It helps us in identifying the mite species, the infestation level, the extent of damage, and more.

We will analyse the factors that act as a hosting ground for the mite. It helps in planning the treatment process with minimum chance of relapse. Our inspection report includes finding details, photographs, and instruction for you to follow.

Treatment Plan

We will tailor a custom treatment plan based on our findings.It helps in providing the exact treatment that best suits your purpose. The treatment plan includes detail on treatment procedure; the possible time required to complete the treatment, the outcome and more.

We will discuss the treatment plan and may instruct you to follow some precautionary measures during the treatment process. You are free to ask questions.

The Extermination

Our mite pest control specialist will start the treatment process as decided in the plan report. We apply different treatment methods, including the use of insecticides, fogging, andaerosol sprays. We may combine these methods to give you the best result possible. It depends on the type of pest species and the infestation level.

We use industry-approved pest control products and techniques because your health and safety are our top-most concern.


Ongoing Prevention Tips

We will recommend time-tested ongoing prevention tips for long-term relief and to limit the likelihood of mite pest relapse. Some of the simple and useful tips are:

Why Partner With Tom’s Pest Control?

We embrace new techniques and equipment to eradicate pest with long-lasting solutions. We outshine our competitors with our quality service and standard business ethics, including:

Same-day or the next day service
TAFE and APCA-certified specialists
Safe and family-friendly treatment procedure
Local pest exterminator team
Upfront quotes, competitive prices
Custom treatment plan with an outstanding result
Friendly and transparent customer service
100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Tom’s Pest Control has gained immense popularity in providing best pest control services to all type of commercial and residential properties in Adelaide. The credit goes to our experienced team and precise execution.

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