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Pest Control In Modbury Heights SA

With the help of our experienced staff, we at Tom’s Pest Control can identify what pests are ruining your home or business in Modbury Heights, SA, and offer professional pest control services. In addition, we ensure to give you an accurate assessment of how much damage the pests have done so far and what control measures can be taken for these pesky creatures!

Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide has been providing pest control services for over a decade. We have the expertise and knowledge to tackle any infestation with ease, no matter how complicated it may seem! Our team comprises licensed professionals who will do their very best to give your property back its shine-literally one step at a time.

Commercial Pest Control Service in Modbury Heights

A clean, pest-free environment is the best way to ensure your employees perform at an optimal level. Your staff will work harder than ever before and feel appreciated when they work in a clean environment. In addition, our commercial pest control services are affordable, so it wouldn’t be too expensive for you to maintain the hygiene of your space.

Tom’s Pest Control is here to provide you with the best possible service. We won’t just take care of your pest problems once but will visit your property for regular inspections if the need be. In addition, we are ready to help commercial spaces that require our expertise by creating an action plan tailored specifically for pest infestation issues!

Once we have created a plan for your property, we will share the same with you for approval. If you are comfortable with what we will do to your property, we will carry out the procedure carefully. We will ensure that all steps are carried out correctly to avoid any mistakes or hazards. Also, at the end of the service, we will ask you to check for your entire property to see the results. If at any point, you feel the pest problem wasn’t treated well, you can contact us again.

Termite Treatment in Modbury Heights

Termites are highly destructive pests that can cause extensive structural damage and potentially ruin your property. They also feed on wood, making them more challenging to handle than other pests like ants or cockroaches. 

At Tom’s Pest Control, we won’t let these creatures get away with infesting any part of your land! Our termites experts will use cutting-edge techniques for instant results – meaning no termite queen will be able to survive one single fury strike from us.

Bird Control

Householders everywhere know that unwanted guests like birds can be a real problem. But did you know that we offer effective bird control services to remove these pesky creatures from your property? 

We won’t just take care of the problem on-site, but make sure they aren’t coming back again in future by preventing their return with professional techniques like trapping and repelling methods!

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are pesky creatures that can contaminate any environment. Their droppings dirty the nook and corners of your home or office, making the area unhealthy to live in; but we provide effective solutions for removing them from your properties, so you don’t face any problems!

 Our certified technicians ensure complete pest removal on-site with strict sanitation policies. Our pest control services leave behind a clean space for you to live in comfortably.

Bed Bug Treatment

The most annoying experience has bed bugs which don’t just bother you while sleeping but also pose a risk to your health. If not treated on time, they can multiply and become difficult or impossible to treat. If left untreated for long, these creatures may lead to the disposal of expensive furniture items like mattresses! 

At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide effective solutions by using methods such as trapping/exterminating – we kill all those pesky critters right away, so there is no surviving population left behind after our work has been done.

Ant Control

Ants are pesky little creatures who seem to love living in our homes. You might not be aware of them, but there’s a chance that ants have invaded your property and built large colonies without paying rent! You may realise that they have invaded your property only when you start seeing them walking freely on kitchen countertops or working desks during business hours. 

Once you spot them, you must react upon the situation quickly before things can get out of control. At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer professional ant control treatments for residential properties and commercial spaces.

Reasons Why You Must Hire Us?

Same Day Service

Once these pests enter your property, they can quickly cause a lot of damage. Hence, it is essential to act upon them immediately. If your property faces a severe pest infestation problem, you can call us and take advantage of our same day service. Our team will get onto your property immediately for help and assistance!

TAFE and APCA-Certified Technicians

Our team comprises of TAFE and APCA certified technicians only. This means hiring us will offer your superior quality services by the industry experts.

Modern and Safe Treatment Procedures

We use modern tools and advanced techniques to remove all types of pests from your property. Irrespective of the kind of infestation, we can offer modern treatments to eradicate the problem completely. Also, while we focus on removing pests from your property, we do not ignore the safety of your environment by using environment-friendly products and techniques.

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We are the pest control experts you can trust. We have offered our services to many clients in Modbury Heights, SA, and all are happy with the results. So if you too wish to eradicate pests from your property.

Contact Tom’s Pest Control via email at office@tomspestcontroladelaide.com.au or you can call us on (08) 8876 5311. We will be right back to you shortly.

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