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Need to Know Before Getting Termite Treatment

Top things you need to consider before getting Termite Treatment

Termites are one of the most stubborn pests that feed on wood and sometimes even wires. Thus, removing their infestation is always a necessity. Otherwise, they can cause critical property damage that requires costly repairs. It’s why people are known to obtain termite treatment and Professional Pest Control Services to remove all traces of termites.

Commonly, the DIY solutions available in the market aren’t effective enough to eliminate termites from your surroundings. Hence, the experts perform termite control using special solutions, and the best of them are listed below after the requirements.

4 Prerequisites Before Getting a Termite Treatment

Obtaining a professional termite treatment is relatively easier when a few things are taken care of before the team arrives. Therefore, please ensure to follow proper precautions and safety procedures while making the following arrangements:

1. Prepare a Note of Termite Infestation

Start by noting down all the places where you spotted termites, followed by places you suspect their presence. Then, offer this note to the team of certified technicians when they arrive for inspection. Offering such details about the termite infestation can help them secure the infestation area(s) and plan a suitable termite treatment accordingly.

2. Tidy Up The Place

It is easier to catch and remove a termite infestation when the place is cleaner than the alternative. Hence, please try to remove any webs, dust, etc., from the site until the arrival of the inspection team. It would be better if you also remove any furniture and appliances from the area.

3. Remove Food Supplies

The next ideal thing required for a smooth termite treatment experience is removing all food supplies. So, remove any stored food items, beverages, and so on that can become an attraction to termites and other pests. Doing so will prevent the termites from infesting another area of your property and save your perishables from termites.

4. Relocate Pets Temporarily

A successful termite treatment may require using specific substances that harm your pets. However, even in cases when it’s a pet-friendly substance, your pet may get agitated by seeing unknown faces on your property. Ultimately, having pets around the certified technicians will be a distraction, so please relocate them temporarily.

The Best Termite Treatments by Pest Control Services

Performing termite control using the correct solutions can significantly impact the solution’s longevity. For instance, a termite barrier placed improperly might be unable to keep the termites away for lengthy periods. Hence, expert termite inspection and removal technicians use the following methods to eliminate them.

1. Termite Dust

It is a widely used method to remove termites from indoor and outdoor areas. Although termite dust is slower to produce results (3 weeks), it can help to protect your precious assets from termites. However, obtaining a termite dust service is less valuable in damp conditions or when there are too many termites on the property.

2. Termite Foams

Another best method to remove termites from a property is to use Termite Foam. Experts usually recommend this method when termites have infested a wall cavity. Similarly, termite foam is also useful when treating termites in a vast area. Still, it’s worthwhile to know that the results after the termite treatment will take up to three weeks.

3. Termite Baits

Placing termite baits is one of the best solutions to exterminate different termite species in large numbers. It works by placing a slow-acting insecticide inside the baits, which the termites carry to their nest. As a result, the queen of the nest and the nestmates are eliminated over a while.

4. Liquid Termite Barriers

Sometimes it is referred to as Termite Soil Treatment, which protects the property from the ground level. Providing this treatment requires digging up some ground and placing termite control substances into the soil before covering it again.

The only challenge in providing this solution is when the perimeter of your property interferes with another construction. Otherwise, it’s the best among all methods.

Common Challenges When Offering Liquid Termite Treatments

As mentioned previously, the soil termite treatment can sometimes fail when the perimeter is breached. Similarly, a few other challenges can also reduce the effectiveness of liquid termite barriers, which are mentioned as follows:

1. Construction Slabs

Concrete slabs are among the most reliable structures to support construction and are ideal for placing liquid termite barriers. However, it all changes when the construction is done on piers or uses a split level or a sloping block.

2. Flawed Construction

The best example of a flawed construction is when there is an untreated joint between two or more concrete slabs. Usually, it’s taken care of during the construction phase of the property (even new homes). Unfortunately, however, it’s found in old homes. The best solution in such cases is to use a termite bait to prevent weakening the construction.

3. Soil & Other Troubles

When the construction is erected on clay soil or soil with high gravel content, the liquid termite barriers can fail in commercial property. So instead, using termite baits for such sites is ideal. Similarly, for sloppy construction sites, termite baits will work effectively.

Final Words

Most customers who use professional pest control services live happier lives than those who use bunnings treatments. The differentiator is simple: professional pest removal treatments will always provide consistent results while never putting your safety at risk.

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