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Do you see possum-related damage at your property and want professional possum removal in Adelaide? Are you searching for licensed dead possum removal service to remove the carcass of the pest found at your property?

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We combine expertise and modern technology to provide quick, cost-efficient, and safe possum removal to households and businesses around Adelaide area. We have a team of highly skilled possum catchers in Adelaide to provide you with comprehensive service that also addresses future possum infestation risks.

Why Is Possum Trapping Service Important ?

The pest animal can make a wide range of damage to its surroundings. However, it is a protected animal under the commonwealth and state laws. Therefore, the pest animal can only be removed by licensed technicians.

The pest animal can make the following range of damage to your property environment:

Importantly, possum prefers to live in its habitat and rarely shift the habitat. Therefore, you can’t expect that the pest animal would move out of your property environment its own.

Signs Of Possum Infestation At Your Property

Possum is a nocturnal animal, and it prefers to stay away from human sight. Therefore, you may not see it to confirm the presence of the pest. The following signs can help you confirm the presence of the pest at your property:

Once you confirm the presence of possum infestation at your property, you can contact us for quick possum trapping and removal services in Adelaide.

Do you see the possum infestation at your property is more widespread and want emergency possum removal? We are one of the best possum control services in Adelaide, and we can provide same-day possum removal to secure your property from further damage.

A Step-By-Step Emergency Possum Control Service Adelaide

Tom’s Pest Control has four-stage possum pest control procedure to remove the possum and safeguard your property and health.

Pest Control Possums Inspection

We begin the process with a possum inspection at your property. We will check every inch of your property to identify the possible hiding places of the pest, the possum species, the behavioural patterns of the pest, and the extent of damage due to the infestation.

After the inspection, we can also confirm the factors at your property that attracted the possum to it.

Possums Inspection

Possum Exterminator Adelaide

Based on the findings, our possum catchers will create a possum removal plan. The plan will have the details of the mode of removal, the timeline of the process, the exact location where the pest is going to be freed, and specific instructions to the inhabitants of the property.

We will update you the details of the possum removal plan, including the outcome of the process, and ensure that you get a transparent possum removal service experience.

The Possum Removal Adelaide

Our pest technicians will complete the possum removal as described in the plan. We will use special types of nest boxes and possum traps to catch the animal, without causing any harm to it. Our licensed possum technicians will release the animal by completely following the guidelines of the Department of Environment and Water of South Australia.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we fully comply with the Animal Welfare Act 1985 for catching and releasing the pest animal. We will ensure that it is a stress-free experience for the animal as well. Our technicians will also secure various access points of the pest to your property to minimise future infestation risks.

Ongoing Possum Removal Service Adelaide

Based on our inspection findings, we may suggest some property repairs and architectural alterations to make your property less comfortable for possums. Additionally, we may provide you with specific tips and strategies to avoid possums get attracted to your property.Some general tips that can work for every property are the following:
  • Store foods products and pet foods away from the reach of possums.
  • Remove clutter from your property at regular intervals and ensure that there is no room for hiding for possums.
  • Trim trees and shrubs – located close to your property – as they help possums to access your property and roof quickly.
  • Regularly inspect your property to identify and repair any openings or damage that can give the pest easy access to your property.

Why Choose Us For Possum Catcher in Adelaide?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a team of possum researchers to work with our possum removers to ensure the removal of the animal with minimal stress to it. Our team of researchers identify the characteristics of the animal and help us to deliver the most hassle-free removal.

Possum Catcher

The highlights of Tom’s Pest Control’s services are the following:

Same/next day possum removal
TAFE- and APCA-certified possum removal technicians
Advanced, humane, and stress-free removal service
Removal from residential and commercial spaces
Transparent, friendly, professional service with an upfront quote
100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

Possums have the potential to hurt you and your loved ones. Possums have the potential to infect people, damage basements, and weaken the structure of your house. Regulations were made to safeguard these creatures since they are hard to control. To hurt or kill them is prohibited.

Hiring experts is the best course of action for possum control. Possum removal may be done swiftly and effectively with Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide. Additionally, we may put up humane traps in your yard to catch possums.

Our crew can move them to a different area once they are captured. To learn more, contact our welcoming team. Any problems you may have with possum removal, they will be pleased to help.

Both rats and possums have hairless tails. Although possums can be diurnal or nocturnal like rats, they are more likely to be nocturnal. Possums are herbivores or omnivores. There are always omnivorous species of rats.

There are many kinds of rats. Oceania is not home to possums. The claws of possums are blunter than those of rats. Possum eyes are oriented in one direction, while rats see forward. Rats have flatter faces than possums. Their faces are rounder, flatter, and slimmer.

Rats can adapt to any environment and will live wherever there is shelter from the weather. Semi-arboreal Possums love trees and are attracted to them because of their love. However, this is not always true. They are often found in wooded areas.

In the past ten years, this large and hairy animal has dramatically increased numbers. As a result, they find it easier to live in a home. In addition, their agility and dexterity allow them to reach plants up to three stories high.

There are many traditional methods to keep possums away from your garden. You can protect your plants with hanging CDs, blood, bone, hanging spotlights and lapsang souchong. Unfortunately, none of these options has any noticeable or reliable results.

There are two main ways to keep possums from your plants. The first is to build physical barriers. Deterrent sprays are the second option. Local regulations govern the trapping and relocation of possums. Therefore, you have two options: either ask for our assistance or hire us.

Yes. Rats and possums can chew roof wires. It is worth replacing the insulation if they build nests on your roof. Repeated urinating can cause damage. Peeing can penetrate the ceiling and cause damage.

If a possum has entered your home, there are many options. You can use scent- and taste repellents to deter them. You can also make your ingredients, such as Tabasco sauce. However, results can vary.

For the job, hire possum experts. Then, call an expert to get rid of the animals. You may also be interested to discover more about keeping neighbouring possums away from your home.

General pest control treatments can last months, however, one treatment does not guarantee a lifetime of defence from these pests. Instead, it’s important that treatments are done regularly. At Tom’s Pest Control, we recommend quarterly scheduled visits to ensure your property is protected all-year-round. However, the effects of pest control are also dependent on what kind of pest we’re dealing with. For more information on our pest control services, contact our team today.

Possums aren’t known to be aggressive. However, pet owners have reported that their pets are aggressive towards possums, despite them being gentle and docile. Possums are wild animals that will not be controlled.

Possums are more common in kids than in adults, thus prevention is preferable to trying to protect them. Children must first learn to stay away from possums and wild animals, though.

Our personnel have the knowledge necessary to get rid of bugs from your house. In order to lessen the likelihood that pest issues may recur, we may also provide continuing pest management.

Possums prefer to sleep during the daytime in wall cavities because they are warmer and darker than roof cavities. Rats can be heard scurrying across walls and floors. A research found that 87% of visits to rat nests occurred on walls and floors and 45% occurred in roof cavities.

These strange creatures crawl across the ceiling making human friends suspicious. Adelaide research showed that 67% of Adelaide residents reported seeing possums crawling onto their roof cavities. Additionally, 58% of the bitten reported seeing possums at these locations.

Pest control must include the sealing of all entry points. Possums can also cause roof damage because they love to crawl under your home.

The severity of the infestation will determine how long it takes for them to be eradicated. Unfortunately, possum infestations can lead to more problems than you realize. Here are some ways possums can damage your health and cause financial problems.

Possum droppings may contain germs that could cause flesh-eating sores. Let’s say they get in your house. They could eat all of your belongings, cause damage to insulation and ducting, or leave unpleasant odours and stains.

The strategy begins with an in-depth analysis of the situation to eliminate possums. Next, we need to identify entry points. This will allow us to choose the best route. Contact our experts for more information.

The cost of controlling possums will depend on the condition of your property. Therefore, it is important to consider the extent and severity of the damage, as well as the size and geographic location of the infestation. In addition, it is important to estimate the labour required to eliminate them.

Possum removal costs between $150 and $500. These companies charge $150 to remove dead Possums. Possums can be caught using live traps. Setting up and managing bait traps will require knowledge. If they feel threatened, possums will bite.

Even though they won’t be able to get into your home, it is worth checking your chimney for signs that they are there. Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide should be called if you see any signs of possums.

The 1975 Wildlife Act protects possums. Transporting possums who aren’t well-behaved or healthy is prohibited. You can handle them in other ways. Victorians dealt with possums that lived on their land. Our neighbourhoods have woods that resemble their natural habitat.

Even though they can be annoying and eat your flowers, possums can live with humans. Possums can’t harass or interfere with humans. Common brushtail possums can be managed if they are kept in parks or other structures.

Common brushtail Possums can be captured, released, or taken to licensed veterinarians for rest.

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