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Buying property involves a lot of decisions, and mistakes can be costlier. This is especially true when you can’t decide the property’s worth or there are issues hidden from your eyes. 

If you are not a real estate investor, you may not be aware of various hidden dangers when acquiring a property. From undetected roof leaks to hidden mould damage, property issues and damage can make your property buying a painful experience. 

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide – the trusted name for comprehensive pest control and pre purchase building inspection services in. 

We offer pre-purchase inspection services for residential properties to safeguard the interests of the potential buyers. Our inspection services will help you identify the undetected damages and invisible pest issues at the property. 

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    Why Choose Our Pre Purchase Property Inspection Services?

    You will get a lot of critical information about a property you want to buy when you choose our pre-purchase property inspection services in Adelaide. They are as follows:-  

    • Details of any kind of pests in the property
    • Details of minor damage caused by pests at the property
    • Detailed information regarding the covered-up issues and dodgy maintenance works due to previous pests
    • Information about the pest infestation issues at the property, including past historical issues as well as the future infestation risks
    • Details of hidden and visible mould issues, flooding damage, humidity level, and more
    • An estimate to repair and rehabilitate the property up to snuff

    Our residential pest inspection service covers every inch of the property, including documents in detail, images, repairing costs for each issue, and much more. Our inspection report will help you get the exact condition of the property and decide on it. It will also help you negotiate better and make the transaction profitable.

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    Our Pest Inspections Services

    At Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide, we know that potential buyers have different priorities when choosing an inspection service. Therefore, we offer two types of inspection services, and you can choose the best that can fit your needs. 

    • Building Inspection

    Our team of certified pest inspectors will come to your property and check for any pest issues. They have several years of experience in evaluating various types of residential and commercial properties for pests. Our assessment will inform you about your property’s current and past pest issues.

    We will document and take photographs of any issue reported at the property. This may include information about the damage a pest has created, or potential places pests might enter your property in the future. If one is present, you will also receive information on how to combat your current pest problem.

    • Pest Control

    The service is an excellent choice if you want to know the pest infestation issues of the property as well, along with the status of the building. Some pest issues may not be visible to human eyes but can cause significant property damage. Especially termites, powder post beetles, and carpenter ants can attack wooden structures and furniture at the property and cause financial loss. 

    Our pre purchase building pest inspectors will check the roof, walls, floors, garage, plumbing, decks, stairs, basement, and more and provide the details of all the major and minor issues. They also reveal any hidden pest issues present at the property, historical pest infestation data, future pest infestation risks, and more. 

    We will recommend the best possible pest treatment procedures, tips to minimise future pest infestation risks, and an estimate of the pest infestation damage. 

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control For Your House Inspection Needs?

    Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide is a trusted name for quality pest control and property inspection services with an excellent network in all the major cities of Australia. We provide accurate assessments and give a detailed report with our expertise and the use of technology.  

    The highlights of our inspection services are the following: 

    Expert Inspection Specialists

    All our property and pest inspectors are certified and have several years of experience in assessing various properties. Our team can accurately evaluate and find your property’s past and present pest problems.

    State-Of-The-Art Technology And Tools

    We have incorporated advanced technology into our procedures and use modern tools to give our customers the most accurate property assessments. This simplifies our inspection procedures and allows us to provide quick results.

    Some of the technology and tools we use include motion magnification technology, water leak detectors, and drone imaging to capture roof damage and other inaccessible areas of the property. Also, we use thermal imaging cameras to find out the temperature inconsistencies in your property and to identify possible areas of pest infestation.

    Upfront Quotes, Professional Service

    Our pre purchase building inspection and pest control cost is affordable to suit your budget. We ensure to provide a transparent service experience and provide an upfront quote as soon as you contact us with an inspection request. We are flexible with your date and time and deliver a satisfactory service. 

    Quick Inspection Service

    We have local inspection teams in all the major suburbs of Adelaide who can provide you with quick service. You will get the detailed inspection report within 24 hours after completing the property inspection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Many homeowners are disappointed when they find out about the high property prices in Adelaide. But unfortunately, termite damage is often hidden behind walls. Likewise, termite damage is often hidden beneath floors.

    Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide will inspect your property before you purchase it. We will provide all the information that you need to make informed decisions. Our inspector is a licensed timber inspector, so you won’t have to deal with a rookie building inspector.

    All aspects of pre-purchase insect inspection will be covered, including visual inspections and reports. It should be clear and concise. You can embed images into the report. An inspector might also use motion detectors and moisture meters to investigate potential problems.

    Finding the right home is an exciting task. This could be your largest financial investment. It would help if you chose a high-quality home with no surprises. Inspecting each room and looking for high-risk areas such as the roof void or subfloor can take some time. Inspecting the property and all high-risk areas, such as each room, can take time.

    Many variables affect the length of an exam. The length of an exam is also affected by many variables, such as the type, scale, number, structure, or buildings. On average, an exam takes around two hours.

    Pest inspections are a great way to save money and reduce your risk. You will have security and peace of mind. In addition, expert reports can be used to identify construction defects.

    A pest inspection costs $75-$100, depending on the property’s size and what pest treatment company it is. You can negotiate who pays when you purchase a property. The seller or buyer may bear these costs.

    The inspection fee does not cover infestation costs. However, most pest control professionals will offer an inspection at no cost if you have a pest problem.

    A professional agent should be able to recommend a pest control company. Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide provides the best pre-purchase inspections.

    It is important to evaluate your home’s condition and identify any problems that need fixing. It is also important to assess the property’s worth.

    Pre-purchase inspections can help you ensure that you are buying a quality home. If you don’t complete your pre-purchase inspection, you may not be eligible for a mortgage loan.

    Your bank may require documentation about the property’s state before granting you a loan. To save money, you could spend thousands on repairs.

    General pest control treatments can last months, however, one treatment does not guarantee a lifetime of defence from these pests. Instead, it’s important that treatments are done regularly. At Tom’s Pest Control, we recommend quarterly scheduled visits to ensure your property is protected all-year-round. However, the effects of pest control are also dependent on what kind of pest we’re dealing with. For more information on our pest control services, contact our team today.

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