Professional Pest Control For Rats And Mice In Adelaide

Rodent Control / Mouse Removal In Adelaide

Do you notice signs of rodent infestation and associated damage at your property and want professional pest control for rats and mice? Are you searching for advanced rodent control in Adelaide to safeguard your health and secure your property?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control – the trusted name for comprehensive pest control services throughout Australia.

We have local teams of experienced rodent control and removal technicians in all the major suburbs of Adelaide to provide you with quick rat removal and mice control services. With the use of the latest pest control techniques and advanced technology, we help our customers to safeguard their property from the current infestation and future infestation risks.

No matter you have an apartment, individual home, commercial property, or industrial space, we have systems and tools to make your property rodent-free and healthy.

Signs Of Rodent Infestation

You can confirm the presence of the pest at your property with the following signs:

If you see these damage signs at your property, contact us immediately for quick rodent control in Adelaide. The South Australian properties are generally infested with three different species of rodents: the black rats, brown rats, and house mice.

A Comprehensive Rodent Control

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a four-stage pest control procedure to make your property rodent-free.

Rodent Inspection

Our rodent control technicians will come to your property and inspect every inch of it to identify the extent of the infestation. We will identify the rodent species, the hiding places, the level of damage, and more.

Our inspection will also reveal the factors that led to rodent infestation at your property. This will help us to safeguard your property from future infestation risks. We will provide you with a detailed pest inspection report with photographs of infestation, details of the damage, the reasons for infestation, and the course of action.

Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection findings, our pest technicians will create a tailored rat and mouse control plan. The treatment plan will detail everything about the pest control, including the type of treatment, the duration of the treatment, the outcome, any specific instructions to the inhabitants of the property, and more.

Additionally, the treatment plan will have details of ongoing prevention strategies and tips to avoid future rodent infestation. We will communicate the rodent treatment plan with you before beginning the procedure and ensure that you are happy with the outcome.

Control Procedure

Our technicians will complete the rodent removal as outlined in the treatment plan. We may use a mix of pest treatment procedures, including rodent traps, bait stations, poison, and more, based on the level of infestation.

Regardless of the treatment type, we use only approved and safe pest control methods as we are concerned about the health of our customers, their family, animals and pets, and their environment.

Ongoing Control

A one-time treatment alone can’t safeguard your property from future rodent infestation. We will provide you with specific tips and ongoing control strategies to prevent future infestation based on our inspection.

Some general tips to minimise future rodent infestation at your property include the following:

  • Remove all forms of clutter from your property and always keep the property clean and sanitised.
  • Store your cooked and raw food products in tight containers; don’t leave pet food open and unattended.
  • Dump the food waste and scraps in garbage containers with tight lids and empty the containers regularly.
  • Ensure proper yard maintenance and remove any thick vegetation around your property.
  • Inspect your property regularly to identify any exterior openings or property damages and repair them.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we are very much aware of the expectations of our residential and commercial customers and take every step to give a superior service experience.

The highlights of our pest control service are the following:

Same/next day rodent removal service
TAFE- and APCA-certified pest technicians
State-of-the-art rodent control procedures
Safe, family-friendly treatments
Upfront quotes, transparent service
Complete satisfaction guaranteed

Do you see rodents at your property or notice that the infestation issue is not subsided after our treatment? You can contact us within two weeks of the treatment. Our technicians will come back to your property and complete the treatment again for FREE based on your expectations.

Make Your Property Rodent-Free And Healthy

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