Spiders Facts & Identification​

Spider Facts & Identification - Protecting Your Health and Property

Spiders are perceived as pests because they can build unsightly webs and attract other insects. Some species of spiders can also bite humans, and although most spider bites are not dangerous, some can cause mild to severe symptoms and allergic reactions. To keep a home free from spiders, it’s essential to reduce the presence of other insects that serve as food sources, seal cracks and openings in the walls and windows, and keep the home clean and free of clutter.

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Types Of Spiders

Funnel Web Spider

The funnel web spider is a venomous spider found in Australia, primarily in the eastern regions. It is considered one of the most dangerous spiders in the world due to its potent venom and aggressive behaviour. The funnel web spider is a large, dark-coloured spider that builds funnel-shaped webs near ground level.Although bites from these spiders are relatively rare, they can cause severe symptoms and be life-threatening if not treated quickly. Therefore, it's essential to be cautious when spending time outdoors in areas where funnel web spiders are known to live and to seek medical attention immediately if they bite you.

Redback Spider

The redback spider is a venomous spider closely related to the black widow spider found in the United States. The females have a body length of about 10 mm, whereas the males are smaller, about 3-4 mm. These spiders have a distinctive red stripe on their upper abdomen. Although bites from redback spiders are relatively uncommon, they can cause severe symptoms such as intense pain, sweating, and muscle weakness and require immediate medical attention.

White-Tail Spider

The white-tail spider is often found in homes and gardens. It is named for the distinctive white spot on the tip of its tail. These spiders are medium-sized, ranging from 12 to 20 mm. Dark red to grey, the white-tail spider feeds on other spiders, including redback spiders and black house spiders. Although bites from these spiders are not typically life-threatening, they can cause local pain, redness, swelling, and in some cases, more severe symptoms such as nausea and muscle pain.

Wolf Spider

The wolf spider gets its name for their hunting behaviour, which resembles that of a wolf. These spiders have robust bodies and long legs. They are typically grey, brown, black or tan in colour and range in size from 1 to 8 cm in length. They do not build webs and instead hunt for their prey, which includes insects and other small invertebrates. Although bites from wolf spiders are not typically dangerous, they can cause mild symptoms such as pain, redness, and swelling, and some people may experience an allergic reaction.

Mouse Spiders

Mouse Spiders are often mistaken for funnel web spiders and are typically black. These spiders range in size from 10 to 35 mm in length and are usually found in burrows in the ground or moist, sheltered places such as under rocks and logs. They are not typically aggressive, and bites from these spiders are rare, but their venom is potent. It can cause severe symptoms in some individuals, including intense pain, sweating, and muscle weakness.

Black House Spider

The black house spider is a part of the family Desidae and a species found throughout Australia. Dark in colour, these spiders are robust and have grey hairs on their carapace. Males are smaller than females, and both have carapaces and legs that are dark brown to black. Their abdomens are charcoal grey and have a distinctive white marking that makes it easy to identify them.

Trapdoor Spider

Trapdoor spiders are a group of spiders that mainly belong to the family Ctenizidae. These spiders construct burrows in the ground with a silken-hinged doors. When an insect passes close by, they quickly open the trap door and grab them.

Huntsman Spider

Huntsman spiders are a large and diverse group known for their distinctive flat bodies and quick movements. They are found worldwide, especially in tropical and temperate regions, and are often seen on walls, ceilings, and trees. Huntsman spiders are not typically dangerous to humans, although some species can deliver a bite that may cause mild pain, swelling, and redness. Instead, these spiders are generally considered beneficial as they help control populations of insects and other pests.

Garden Orb Weaving Spider

Garden orb weavers are stout reddish-brown or grey spiders with leaf-shaped patterns on their roughly triangular abdomens. Some species have a dorsal stripe, either white or brown, edged with white. These spiders are known for building suspended, sticky, wheel-shaped orb webs in openings between trees and shrubs to catch flying insects.

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