Trapdoor Spiders Infestation Removal Service in Adelaide

Trapdoor spiders are a type of spider that belongs to several families, including Idiopidae, Actinopodidae, Ctenizidae, Migidae, and Cyrtaucheniidae. These spiders typically create burrows in the ground with a hinged, silk-covered door at the entrance.

The spiders can quickly grab insects that pass by when they open the door. While most trapdoor spider species have a special door at their burrow’s entrance, some do not, yet they are still classified as trapdoor spiders.

Diet and Feeding Practices

Trapdoor spiders employ an interesting hunting technique; they lie in wait inside their burrows and ambush unsuspecting insects that pass by. Once the prey is within range, the spiders quickly grab it with their fangs and drag it back into their burrows for safety.

Although they prey on various insects, trapdoor spiders mainly target crickets, moths, beetles, and grasshoppers. It’s impressive how such small spiders have developed a successful hunting strategy to capture such large prey.

Breeding Habits

During humid weather, mature male trapdoor spiders search for a mate. After locating a mate, they enter the female’s burrow to mate. Female trapdoors can lay eggs several months after mating and protect them in shelters.

Once hatched, the juvenile spiders stay for several months within the burrow before dispersing on the ground to build their tiny burrows. As the spider grows, it widens its burrow.

Risk to Humans

While often confused with funnel-web spiders, brown trapdoor spiders’ bites are less severe. If bitten by a trapdoor spider, the victim may experience only localised pain and swelling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trapdoor spiders are efficient predators that feed on insects, including crickets, moths, beetles, and grasshoppers.
While trapdoor spiders are often mistaken for funnel-web spiders, their bite is less dangerous. However, if bitten by a trapdoor or sigillate spider, a person may experience local pain and swelling.
Trapdoor spiders construct their burrows by using silk to line tunnels and anchor the door-like structures that form an entrance and exit for the burrow. The spider then builds up mud walls around the tunnel, creating a durable seal to protect the inhabitant.
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