Advanced Termite Treatment In Adelaide

Advanced Termite Treatment in Adelaide

Subterranean termites which are commonly known as white ants are a highly destructive pest group with widespread property damage. Do you see signs of termite infestation at your Adelaide property? If yes, then hiring professionals providing termite treatment in Adelaide is very essential to secure your property from white ant damage.

We, at Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide, are the experts of local pest control services in Australia with a service network in all the major cities. Our team of experts provide effective services related to white ant pest control and inspections in Adelaide. Using the best termite control procedures and products, we ensure defend your home against future termite infestations.

Why Is Timely Termite or White Ant Control Treatment Important?

Often many people have a question in their mind when they observe white ant signs in their property that what are white ants how are they harmful? Termites or white ant do not bite or cause any direct harm to humans. But they can make a significant financial loss for people by attacking properties.

Studies confirm that there are several thousands of termite species in Australia, but only 20 of them feed wood products and cause property damage. The South Australian properties generally report a group of subterranean termites i.e., white ants, cause the following range of damage and demand advanced white ant protection or termite treatment in Adelaide:

White ants or termites multiply quickly and live-in large colonies, and they can spread throughout the property and even to the neighbouring buildings quickly. Therefore, you should get professional white ant control and protection as soon as you see the traces of infestation.

At Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide, we have local pest control teams in every suburbs of Adelaide to provide you with quick termite or white ant treatment at home. We offer a comprehensive white ants removal service that helps you safeguard your property from the risks of future pest infestation.

Signs Of Termite Infestation

You can quickly identify the presence of subterranean termites at your property with the following signs:

We use advanced technology and tools to identify any trace of termite infestation to provide with the highest quality termite & house inspection services in Adelaide. On the other hand, we also consider using white ant baits which are designed to be non-repellant to the white-ants. It is the best and long-term solution against termites or white ant prevention.

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Our Four-Stage Termite Treatment Procedure Includes

Tom’s Pest Control has a four-stage process for termite treatment in Adelaide. The step-by-step procedure helps you to safeguard your property from future infestation risks as well.

Termite Inspection Adelaide

Our licensed pest technicians will come to your Adelaide property and complete a detailed white ant or termite inspection. We will investigate and identify the termite species, the extent of pest infestation, the level of damage due to infestation, and the factors that led to infestation.

We will document the termite or white ant inspection with images, details of the damage, the characteristics of the termite species, the recommended treatment procedures, and more. We will provide you with a copy of the inspection report to help you understand the extent of the pest issue

Termite Treatment Plan

Based on the pest inspection, we will create a tailored white ants or termite pest control plan to address termite issues at your Adelaide property. It will have the details of the termite or white ant treatments, the timeline of the termite pest control, the expected outcome, and any property-specific instructions to the inhabitants.

Based on the white ant size or the extent of pest infestation, we may complete a follow-up treatment to eliminate the termite infestation from your property completely. In such cases, we will include the details of the follow-up treatment as well in the treatment plan. We will update you the termite treatment Adelaide plan before beginning with the procedure to ensure a transparent service experience.

Termite Extermination in Adelaide

We will complete the termite extermination at your Adelaide property as described in the termite or white ant control treatment plan. Our pest technicians may use a mix of termite treatment procedures to get the best results. We generally use termite baits, repellents, termiticides, termite sheets, and more to exterminate and create a white ant barrier around your property.

We use only safe, family-friendly, and Australia-approved termite or white ant control Adelaide products and procedures as we want to create a healthy environment around your property with our termite treatment.

Ongoing Termite Control

Termites are a highly destructive pest group, and the treatment may not give you long-lasting results if there are no ongoing control procedures in place. We will provide you with specific termite control tips and techniques based on our inspection and findings.

Some general property maintenance tips that can work and minimise future termite infestation issues are the following:

  • Clear all forms of clutter and debris pile up from your property. It can hide termite infestation from your eyes.
  •  Remove any wood piles from your property – both exterior and interior.
  •  Eliminate all types of water sources from your property. Repair leaking plumbing, address hot water system overflow, properly channel the water discharge from air conditioners, and more. Remove anything that increases the humidity level at the property.
  •  You should regularly inspect your property and surroundings to identify traces of termite infestation.

Why Choose Us for Termite Inspections & Treatment in Adelaide?

The highlights of our white ant treatments are the following:

Same/next day termite inspection and control
TAFE- and APCA-certified Adelaide termite control specialists
State-of-the-art termite control procedures
Transparent, professional termite service experience with upfront quotes
Safe, family-friendly, and Australia-approved treatment procedures and products
Total Satisfaction Guaranteed​
The highlights of our white ant treatment in Adelaide are the following:Regardless of the pest treatment you want, Tom’s Pest Control is committed to giving you a comprehensive service experience.

If you see that the termite issues at your properties are not subsided, you can contact us within two weeks of the termite treatment in Adelaide. Our pest technicians will come back to your Adelaide property, perform comprehensive retreatment for FREE, and ensure that your property is termite-free.

Address Your Termite Concerns at Your Property

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