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Pest Control In Virginia

The instant sign of an unhealthy space is often spotting various pests in the environment. Integrated pest management can address both the bugs as well as an unhealthy environment.

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control.

We are one of the trusted destinations in Australian for comprehensive pest management solutions with a few decades of service. We can provide quick pest control in Virginia and address your property’s unhealthy factors to give long-lasting results.

The use of technology and tailored solutions help us deliver superior quality pest management results to our customers. Our local team of pest technicians in Virginia can give you emergency service to make your space pest-free on short notice.

Begin creating your pest-free space today with an upfront quote. 

Solutions For All Pest Control Services in Virginia

One of Tom’s Pest Control’s biggest differentiating factors is the capability to give solutions for any pest issues reported in Australian properties to date. Our decades of service and nation-wide presence contributed greatly to become the destination for all the pest worries of our customers.

To help you choose our services better, we list our common pest management solutions here: 

Visit our service pages to learn about each of these services in detail. If your property has a different pest issue or the infestation is highly complex, you can contact us to get custom services. Our pest technicians will provide you with information, guidance and help you get comprehensive pest management.

However, a few pest issues are more complex and detrimental than other pests. We would want to discuss those issues and our solutions in detail: 

Rodent Control in Virginia

Whether you notice rats or mice in your space, you should eliminate them from your environment at the earliest. The pest multiplies quickly and spread various diseases by consuming and contaminating food available at your property. It also makes property damage, messes up your property hygiene, chews insulation, attacks pets, and more.

Our pest technicians will quickly identify the reasons that make your space a “safe habitat” for rodents and the infestation extent. After exterminating rodents using advanced procedures, we will secure various exterior openings to minimise future infestation. Additionally, we will communicate the reasons that brought the pest in and give you property maintenance guidelines. 

Moth Extermination And Control in Virginia

Cloth-eating moths leave many with tears. Other moth species eat and damage carpets, papers, documents, wallpapers, and upholstery. The damage due to moths can leave you emotionally drained. Also, the hairs of moth larvae can trigger asthma symptoms in people.

We use advanced inspection tools to identify moths’ hideouts at your property and create a tailored extermination plan. Our pest technicians will complete the extermination based on the plan and perform preventive treatments. We will also advise you of specific yard maintenance tips to minimise future infestation risks. 

Cockroach Extermination And Control in Virginia

The filthy, fearsome pest is one of the leading reasons for unhealthy property environments. Carrying a few million pathogens, cockroaches in properties can be a deadly experience. Studies confirm that cockroach droppings are one of the primary reasons for childhood asthma.

The nocturnal pest often hides behind walls, cabinets, under the sink, floor drains, and more. Using advanced thermal imaging cameras, our pest technicians will locate every cockroach at your property and eliminate them through safe, effective extermination procedures. We will also secure various exterior openings and give you property maintenance guidelines to minimise future infestation. 

Bird Trapping And Control in Virginia

Most people have mixed feelings when it comes to pest birds. And it is mainly due to they compare pest birds with their feathery friends. In reality, Indian mynas, starlings, doves, pigeons, and other pest birds make property spaces vulnerable and messy with their droppings – carry various pathogens.

Tom’s Pest Control has a team of bird researchers to simplify our pest bird removal process. After confirming the bird type, our bird researchers will create a scientific, humane removal plan for the pests. While removing birds from your space, we will also secure various exterior openings at your property and guide you with property and yard care guidelines. If your locality reports frequent pest bird issues, we will also install bird nets, spikes, and wire mesh. 

Commercial Pest Control in Virginia

Pest issues in commercial spaces have several undesired effects, from loss of business to regulatory action. No customer will find themselves comfortable in a pest-infested environment –  bringing down the customer experience. If you notice fleas, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, or any other pest, quickly call us for detailed pest management.

We offer emergency commercial pest control in Virginia to recreate the healthy environments of our business customers. Based on the pest issues, you can get either general pest management – for all the common pests in a commercial space – or pest-specific procedures.

Learn more about our commercial pest management here

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control in Virginia

Our commitment to addressing the unhealthy elements of properties through comprehensive pest management helped us become the ideal choice for our customers. With the use of technology and targeted solutions, our procedures are simple, hassle-free, and provide quick results.

The highlights of our services are the following:

  • Quick same/next day pest management
  • Advanced pest management solutions
  • APCA and TAFE-certified technicians
  • Family-friendly, Australia-approved procedures
  • Upfront quotes, competitive pricing
  • Professional, friendly service experience
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed

If you see the pest issues at your property are not subsiding after our treatment, contact us within two weeks of the extermination. Our pest technicians will revisit you, identify the issues you have reported, and complete FREE re-treatment to make your space pest-free. 

Are You Having Pest Problem in Virginia?

We are one of the leading affordable pest control company in Virginia, helping you eliminate unwanted pests like a rat, mouse, cockroach, spider, ant, termite, moth, the bed bug, bird, flea, and much more. Our aim is to provide high standard professional cheap pest management services for both residential and commercial areas.

Call on (08) 8876 5311 or use our contact form to communicate the pest issues at your property and get an upfront quote.

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