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Argentine Ants Facts, Identification and Treatment

The invasive Argentine ants originate in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and southern Brazil. These relentless ants have expanded their territory worldwide, infiltrating South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, the United States and Europe.

These ants go through a complete metamorphosis, like other ant species. The time it takes for their development can vary based on temperature. But generally, their eggs hatch in 28 days, and they reach adulthood within 74 days.

Signs of an Argentine Ant Infestation

If you spot wide ant trails, chances are you have an ant infestation. These ants can climb up trees, buildings, and even into homes. So, it is essential to take action quickly to prevent further spread.

Preventing Argentine Ants

Taking precautions to protect your property against this ant species can significantly reduce the chances of their invasion.
  • Clean all unused materials and piles of debris.
  • Keep firewood away from your home to prevent Argentine ants from being attracted to them.
  • Trim trees or bushes outside your property, as ants can enter by climbing overhanging branches.
  • Prevent moisture build-up near your place and repair leaky pipes to reduce the risk of excess moisture.
  • To avoid pests getting into your food, store it in sealed containers or the fridge.
  • Don’t leave any leftover food on counters or tables, which can attract unwanted critters.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and your food safe.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices in your wall, floor, or structural foundation.

Handover the Ant Removal Responsibility to Us

Tom’s Pest Control can be your reliable choice when getting rid of ants. Our team takes each pest control job seriously, so we give 100% every time. We start by thoroughly assessing your property to see how widespread the Argentine ant colonies are. Then, we leave no nook or cranny unchecked.

Having successfully removed ants from numerous homes and offices over several years, we possess the expertise to locate their hiding spots. Considering our discoveries, we will proceed with appropriate ant removal tactics to eliminate these pesky intruders.

Our skilled technicians will perform the ant extermination with utmost safety and effectiveness. If you have kids or pets in your home, our procedures will be executed with care. We guarantee complete removal of the ant infestation, no matter how severe, without causing any harm to your people and property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Argentine ants thrive outdoors in shallow nests along sidewalks, buildings, and under plants, logs, and stones. In addition, these creatures are attracted to moist soil near food sources. But beware, if they enter your home, they could nest behind walls, below floors, or even behind large appliances.

Argentine ants can become a major public health concern. These ants invade your property in search of food and water. Unfortunately, they also roam through sewers, bins, and other unsanitary areas while searching for their next meal. So, it would help if you stayed vigilant to protect yourself and your community.

Please keep your home safe from bacteria and viruses spread by ants by taking preventative measures. It will reduce the risk of infection caused by their presence.

Argentine ants are versatile eaters. They have a liking for sweet treats. So, if you accidentally drop candy or jam in your house, don’t be surprised to see a line of ants marching back to their colony with their newfound treasure.
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