Black Garden Ants Facts, Identification and Treatment

The black garden ant is common in homes, often found on sugary treats. In the summer, winged adults gather in large numbers to mate before separating to establish new colonies.

These ants build massive colonies, with each one having a queen responsible for laying eggs and thousands of dedicated workers who handle food gathering, nest cleaning, and tending to the young ants.

The Threat Ants Pose

Ants may not transmit diseases like flies, but they can still pick up harmful bacteria from unsanitary places they walk. For example, if an ant gets into a rubbish bin or garbage and then walks across your kitchen surfaces, it has the potential to spread germs. Therefore, preventing ants from entering your home is crucial to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.


Blocking all entry points is essential to keep pesky ants out of your home. You can do it by sealing doors, skirting boards, tiles, and wall holes. Any necessary repairs should be done promptly to prevent these critters from entering your place.

Also, keep your kitchen floors clean to avoid black ant entry. Open cereal bags, crumbs and other food items are common culprits. If you have pets, clear uneaten food immediately to prevent these ants from being drawn to your property.

Black Garden Ants Removal Services

Tom’s Pest Control provides exceptional pest control services in Adelaide for homes and commercial properties. If you have black ants on your property, we’re here to help. Contact us to discuss your concerns and find a solution.

At our pest extermination company, our experts will thoroughly pest inspection your property to locate any hidden pests. We will then use the appropriate methods to eliminate them from your home based on the severity of the infestation. Trust us to keep your home pest-free.

Moreover, your safety is our top priority. We provide effective solutions for eliminating black ants and their colonies from your property without putting you or your loved ones at risk. Our team only uses safe products and techniques that won’t cause harm, giving you peace of mind.

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If pesky black ants have invaded your property, don’t fret because Tom’s Pest Control is here to save you. We know that an ant infestation can quickly become out of control, so we’re dedicated to swiftly and effectively eliminating the problem.

We inspect your property to quickly determine the extent of ant infestation and develop a tailored plan to eradicate these pesky insects. Thanks to our effective approach, you can return to enjoying a pest-free environment in no time. So, contact us and say goodbye to unwanted species.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black garden ants have a voracious appetite and can feast on almost anything in your home. These critters are not picky eaters and will happily munch on everything from fruit and seeds to leftovers.

They have a particular affinity for other small insects. So, if you spot a deceased bug on your property, chances are you’ll see a trail of black garden ants leading to it. In addition, black garden ants have a sweet tooth and enjoy feasting on the sugary excretions produced by aphids.

Black garden ants prefer nesting in dry soil and humus. But don’t be surprised if you find them in your flower beds, lawns, or even hiding beneath the paving stones. These adventurous ants are constantly in search of food, leaving trails across soil and vegetation.

The black worker ants are incredibly smaller in size with nipped-in waists. These hard-working creatures come in a characteristic brown-black colour and have no wings. There is an adult flying species that is even more noticeable. They are larger in size and browner in colour.

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