Drywood Termites

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While most termites live in underground colonies, drywood termites are different. They prefer living in woods and not making any contact with soil. Instead, they receive their moisture from humid air, so they are found in coastal areas. In addition, these pests like to stay hidden, which is why their presence in your structure or furniture may go unnoticed for a long.

Eating Habits

Their eating habits involve breaking down wood particles and absorbing the wood for nutrition. Workers bring food to the king and queen of the colony before providing food to the alates and young.


Unlike other termite species, drywood termites can survive without needing moisture or soil to build their nests. They can extract water from any wood source for survival and even produce water through their digestive process.


Drywood termites can threaten structures made of cellulose, including support beams, flooring, and walls. If left untreated, they can cause comprehensive damage and lead to expensive home repairs.

Termite Control Service

If you are worried about drywood termites infiltrating your home or business, it’s important to take preventative measures such as sealing all cracks and crevices. However, suppose you do happen to detect these pests. In that case, addressing the issue as soon as possible is crucial to avoid extensive termite treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To determine whether your home has drywood termites, it’s best to have an inspection performed by a qualified pest control professional. Signs of an infestation include piles of faecal pellets (frass) near the base of wooden furniture or walls, hollow-sounding wood, and evidence of mudding or excavation on the surface of walls or ceilings.

Drywood termites can cause extensive damage if left untreated. In addition to consuming wood as they tunnel through it, they create colonies and leave tunnels that weaken structural integrity. The longer you wait for your drywood termite problem to be taken care of, the more expensive and damaging it could become.

The most effective way to eliminate a drywood termite infestation is to contact a pest control specialist like Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide. Our experienced team will provide custom treatment plans designed to eliminate the infestation quickly and effectively.  

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