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Are you thinking of getting professional pest control services because you see a lot of moths at home or office, which even makes your clothes unusable by creating holes in them? If yes, then Tom’s Pest Control is your ultimate destination providing professional moth removal treatment in Adelaide. 

Having several years of experience in the pest control industry, we guarantee to provide customised moth treatment that helps many homeowners and businesses to protect their place from moth damage. Our well-trained experts eradicate moths that invade your home or office using the pest control techniques. 

What Kind of Damages are Caused by Moths to Your Property

A moth is an insect that most people think that it does not create a problem mainly because they do not do any harm. There are different moths you can find in and around Adelaide like brown house moths, clothes moths, carpet moths, etc. These moths have a way of infesting your home and office while damaging your possessions and making life more inconvenient. The most common types of damage are:

Holes – This is the typical type of moth damage most of the individuals will observe. Moths in your clothes are capable of making several large holes which makes your clothes unrepairable. 

Item destruction – In case of enormous moth infestations, the damage can be so drastic that the particular item is either eradicated or chewed beyond recognition. 

Finances – The most prominent damage moths can do is not to your clothes or any other item, but your finances. It is because repairing your damaged clothing is very expensive, especially when you have vintage clothes. 

If you observe any of the above damage happening around you, then you are in bad need of moth pest control in Adelaide. Here our professionals will help you inspect and eliminate the presence of moths in your property. 

How We Help You Get Rid of Moths?

Since every home and office is unique, we help you design a particular moth control solution for your situation. We implement four-stage pest control for all your requirements, including white moth removal, brown house moth control, or other treatments for different moth species. Following are the stages included in our moth control service:

1. Monitoring

According to your comfort and time, our pest control experts will come to your property for a complete moth monitoring. They will examine every corner of your place to find out the presence of moth and related damages. During this inspection, you will come to know about moth species and the reason behind infestation.


2. Treatment Planning

Once the moth examination is completed, our pest experts will make a customised moth control plan to address the problem. The plan will cover all the information of moth control process, expected outcome, total time required, and much more. We will tell you the treatment plan before executing the strategy and guarantee to achieve the desired result.

3. Moth Elimination

Our moth control technician will start the pest elimination according to the details mentioned in the treatment plan. The treatment techniques for moth control includes insecticides, fumigation, and more. Additionally, we ensure to use safe and approved products throughout the moth removal procedure. 


4. Preventive Measures

Along with controlling and eliminating moths, we also advise you some preventive measures to hold the occurrence of moth in the future. Some of the moth infestation preventive tips is to store clothes in airtight storage spaces, vacuum the floors properly, wash and dry the clothes regularly, and much more.

Why We Are Unique from Other Moth Control Companies?

We always strive to offer same or next day moth control treatment in Adelaide.
Our free quotes for moth infestation removal service are upfront with no hidden charges.
We use advanced moth removal techniques to provide a healthy environment.
All our moth control experts are APCA and TAFE-certified to achieve desired results.
With us, you will get satisfactory moth removal services at an affordable price.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Tineola Bisselliella, also known as the clothing moth, is also known. This moth, which is wool-loving, lays both larvae and eggs. Therefore, they can be found in stored food grains.

Another annoying pest you might encounter in your home is the pantry moth. The pantry moth lives in food items and cupboards. From its larvae, it can become an adult moth. They will attack all food, including pet foods such as seeds and dates.

Next is the Luna moth. This common silk moth is unusual due to its large size. Large moths are large and have legs, wings, and bodies that can be seen in light lime shades. Their body, however, is white.

Moths’ cocoons or waste can contaminate food items. Moths can also infest food with other pests, such as mites or fungi. Moth-infested fabric can also cause allergic reactions in humans and animals.

They can cause serious damage to food products, fibre, timber, and forest, as well as annual and perennial food, fibre, timber, forest, and food products. They can result in food and fibre commodities losing up to 80%.

Moth problems in residential and commercial buildings can be fixed. After you tell us about the moth problem, we will give you complete satisfaction. Call us today for a free quote.

It is not easy to find holes in your favourite sweater. The moths that feed on fabric are invisible, so they can’t be seen until they cause severe damage. After you have the proof, contact a professional moth controller firm.

Professionals can do moth detection and prevention. Our specialists and employees exceed the requirements of Quality Pro and the National Pest Management Association.

We provide skilled services and offer a free estimate. We are committed to satisfying our customers. Call us for pest control services in your home or business.

Permethrin can be used to control moths. Permethrin kills moth larvae. Permethrin can cause moth larvae to become paralysed. This can lead to their death in as little as a few hours.

Permethrin is broken down by the enzyme found in animals, humans, and cats. They are, therefore, not affected by toxic substances. As a result, products treated with permethrin can be sold without moth holes.

Moth larvae can inflict death on your products within five minutes. Moth larvae will not infest your products, so you can protect customers and make sure your products are distinctive. To ensure your customers’ safety, moth control products will be essential.

Moths, a special flying insect that pollinates flowers, exemplify a special kind. Worldwide, there are around 160,000 moth species. Over 11,000 moth species are found in Australia. These are just a few ways to remove moths from your home. We will discuss the health risks and when to call a professional.

After you are done cleaning, clean your vacuum cleaner. While cedar furniture can be used to repel moths, the scent of cedar oil will eventually fade. So, cedar oil is a better choice.

White vinegar, a natural cleaner, alters the pH levels on surfaces it comes into contact. This can render moth eggs or larvae unable to live in certain environments. Again, Tom’s Pest Control Adelaide will be your best option if you don’t want to resort to home remedies to eliminate moths.

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